June 19, 2018
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Oct. 28 Letters to the Editor

Moody understands

As a small business owner, I’ve been paying close attention to the governor’s race. In business, every day is a struggle and sometimes I ask myself why I do it. I love living in the beautiful state of Maine. I love having my independence. I love serving my customers and I love providing opportunities for my employees.

I don’t love the way many politicians make all kinds of promises to get elected and then either ignore small business or try to put us out of business with cumbersome policies and over-regulation. The one candidate who stands out as someone who knows where I’m coming from is Shawn Moody. I like his story. I like that he’s one of us. He’s been successful while dealing with the same problems that businesses like mine have to deal with.

Shawn Moody said it right when he said: “We’ve tried it their way. Now it’s time to try it our way!” That’s why I’ll be voting for Shawn Moody.

Steve Roche


• • •

LePage’s promises

Arden Manning of the Maine Democratic Party claims Paul LePage is “siding with overpaid CEOs” of Maine’s hospitals because he wants the state to pay the almost $400 million owed to these hospitals. I beg to differ. LePage is siding with people like my husband, an employee at a local hospital. He, along with hundreds of his co-workers, took a 5 percent pay reduction this year in order to avoid actual layoffs at the cash strapped facility.

The papers have been filled with stories of other hospital employees who were not that lucky. Hundreds have been laid off. Paul LePage is siding with these people whose jobs could have been saved, even in these tough economic times, if the state had paid its bills.

I urge everyone to find out more about Paul LePage’s plans to bring Maine back to economic health. The Democrats seem to think it’s OK just to promise to pay for programs they can’t afford. Paul LePage understands that promises must be kept. Jobs are depending on it.

Wanda LaBrecque


• • •

Anti-science LePage

I feel compelled to write about the mistakes we’ll be making if we elect Paul LePage governor.

He’s on record as supporting offshore drilling, curtailing clean renewable energy projects and deregulating laws that protect our natural resources. He favors dammed streams over salmon habitats. He has little to say about creating green jobs and denies the importance of climate change science which has concluded that Maine’s natural resources are being injured by rising temperatures and other effects from those temperatures.

He appears to be anti-science. How can we choose to support someone with so unrealistic a perspective on our natural world?

A vote for Eliot Cutler is a vote for LePage. If we vote for someone other than Libby Mitchell, or worse, if we don’t vote at all, we’re stuck with the potential for living with decisions and directives that injure the quality of life we love in our better natured state.

Beverly Roxby


• • •

Cutler stays positive

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of all of the negative ads on TV. It seems to me that Paul LePage and Libby Mitchell have spent more time and money slinging mud at each other than they have telling us what their plans are for Maine. We the people deserve better than this.

There is only one candidate who is actually telling us what he is going to do and has not engaged in negative ads. Eliot Cutler has developed a plan for Maine and has the vision and level-headedness to execute the plan. Go to Cutler2010.com, as I have, to read his vision and plans for Maine.

We can no longer be sheep and just vote for a party. We need to vote for the person who can make a difference to Maine. Vote for Eliot Cutler.

Cathy Burke-Ewins


• • •

Union for Mitchell

Peter Alexander urges Maine citizens to be informed voters (Oct. 6 BDN OpEd, “Stay informed as a voter, the future depends on it”). I couldn’t agree more.

However, Mr. Alexander also calls on his union and mine to weigh in on divisive social issues that appear aimed at polarizing voters. Here is where we part ways.

As a labor union representing public workers, our focus is to ensure that our members have the resources necessary to provide quality services to Maine people. That is what drives our endorsement process.

We seek to identify candidates who understand that public services strengthen our communities and our families. We look for candidates who respect, rather than heap scorn upon, public servants in our great state. Members of our union conducted an exhaustive endorsement process, first with regional membership meetings to discuss ideas and concerns.

Candidates were invited to complete a questionnaire and meet with members for personal interviews. Our decisions to endorse were based on the recommendations of those members who participated in this process, the candidates’ records, and on information provided by the candidates.

Our union is a big tent. While we recognize and embrace differing points of view, our primary responsibility is to evaluate candidates based on whether they value public services and the workers who provide them. If you value safe roads and bridges, good public schools and protections for our environment, please join us in voting for Elizabeth “Libby” Mitchell for governor.

Ginette Rivard

vice president, Maine State Employees Association, SEIU Local 1989

• • •

Still opposed to wars

On Oct. 12, members of the Peace and Justice Center of Bangor celebrated the ninth anniversary of their protest against the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq and its continuing military involvement in Afghanistan. The vigil demonstrating this opposition has occurred every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in front of the Federal Building in downtown Bangor.

Given the many expressions of passersby support for the group’s original opposition to the unjustified invasion of Iraq and to the sending of even more soldiers to both countries, the message of the need for withdrawal and negotiation and for turning the nation’s human and financial resources to domestic priorities has been well received. Moreover, Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree have reflected this perspective in their public statements, as over the war’s 10-year period more than 6,000 Afghan civilians and 1,000 coalition soldiers have been killed.

The Peace and Justice Center cordially invites the public to attend its weekly vigil and to call its office number at 942-9343 for more information.

Dave Witham


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