Posted Aug. 08, 2010, at 8:06 p.m.

A full lunar eclipse
& I keep popping outside
hazy black sky, light blurred, but for sure, now
the moon seems slowly absorbed, eaten
by a rounding shadow

as if something were between us & it,
the sun’s reflection blocked —

actually it’s the light cut off

no, actually it’s the sun we’re separated from
as if earth were dividing sun & moon

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but that’s not right either

you need to see backwards,
certainly into the depth you feel
the shadow we cast —

earth now aligned sun by moon

actually, it’s the person cut off
that perspective eclipsed
the moon traveling thru that shadow

Bruce Holsapple grew up in Dexter and is a founding editor of Contraband magazine, Maine’s first well-known small literary magazine, and its 21st century spinoff Vox Audio available online at His poems have appeared widely in books and periodicals. He lives now in New Mexico.

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