April 25, 2018
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Reader views split on Bangor manager

This week, ClickBack sought editorial page reader comments on the treatment of Bangor City Manager Ed Barrett and the announced purchase of New Brunswick Power by Hydro-Quebec.

Was Bangor’s city manager treated badly?

I think the taxpayers of Bangor have the right to hear the council elaborate on what differences Mr. Barrett has on the topic of Bangor’s future compared to each councilor. Could the council have someone else in mind and this facilitated this “difference in vision”? Perhaps the council is being shortsighted.


Are you kidding? At a salary of $112,000 and change, the man has been living pretty high off the hog of Bangor taxpayers. Perhaps the council has finally understood that dwindling tax revenues can no longer support all the hack salaries, pensions and benefits (doubtful). At a time when employees in the private sector are losing jobs right and left, public sector workers seem to still expect taxpayers to maintain their generous benefits and pension schemes. Pretty selfish.


I think the council will be purchasing rose-colored glasses for all city residents so that we can see what they are seeing. Either that or they are already self-prescribing medical marijuana.


Although Barrett is receiving what Bangor considers a high salary, [the council should consider] a cross-section of city managers and mayors across the country and also in states with the same economic structure in Maine has, and compare it to Barrett’s salary. Maybe his salary is not so far-fetched as one may think. Bangor should aim to be a more progressive city. Bring in more manufacturing jobs, more industrial corporations if it can, keeping in mind transportation and tax issues as Maine is located in a corner and very north.


What does Hydro-Quebec’s purchase mean for Maine?

Don’t know how it will affect Maine, but you can guarantee that the Irvings signed off on the sale. Everyone I talk to in New Brunswick is angry about giving up an asset like that. The other Maritime provinces aren’t overly happy either. In the final analysis, Maine will end up with whatever is dictated to us by Washington and Ottawa.


What does Hydro-Quebec’s purchase mean for Maine? Higher electric bills. I thought the whole idea was to free ourselves from foreign energy and oil.


What’s wrong with Maine being a “pass-through” for Canadian electricity? It sounds to me like one of the few times in recent memory that Maine’s location has been an advantage instead of a hindrance. The only question, it seems to me, is how to determine the pass-through rate to charge for the use of our infrastructure. If the arrangements are handled carefully, it could probably take a noticeable amount of the sting out of our electric bills.


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