June 22, 2018
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Dec. 18 Letters to the Editor

Christmas’ real gift

Merry Christmas. What does that mean to so many? Apparently nothing. Hence, “Happy Holidays.”

For myself, it means our Savior was born and that makes it a time of true celebration for us. Gifts? The wise men brought Jesus gifts, although certainly none that would compare with the gift of salvation Jesus would give us. So we give tokens (gifts) as a symbol of our love for each other. But we do that at Christmastime.

Now I look around and there seem to be many stores or restaurants celebrating not Christmas, only holidays. So this year I have decided to do my gift-giving a bit differently. I am going to give gifts that come from the heart and not from stores that only sell holiday things. The only “holiday” I can think of at this time is New Years.

So, for myself and I hope for other believers, the most important gift will be the telling of the birth of Jesus Christ and why he was born. Any other gift is but a token. So maybe I should be thanking those who don’t want to hear “Merry Christmas” spoken. It has made me appreciate the true meaning of Christmas just that much more.

God already has blessed each of us with his most precious gift: his son. His gift is yours for the receiving. But it is your choice. I pray you choose wisely. Merry Christmas.

Ellen Theriault


• • •

Romantic Bangor

Having read the remarks in the ClickBack column on Dec. 12, I was struck by the comments about the lack of parking in downtown Bangor: “Once you get downtown, you find a hidden gem. Restaurants, shops, the theater, a real … neighborhood. We may not be a Camden, Freeport or even Rockland, but with a little imagination and urban renewal we could be.”

If I were fortunate enough to live in Bangor again, I would volunteer to assist in urban renewal, not to compete with the above, but to revitalize the city for its rich history when it was the lumber capital of the world.

I would encourage building a gigantic parking lot on the edge of the city with shuttle bus service to the downtown. A short story of Bangor would be provided of the time when you could walk on the waterfront with docks and ships from Bangor’s shore to Brewer. It was a time of something new everyday, not by design but by ever expanding commerce.

When I visit today, I am flooded with memories of attending basketball games at the old auditorium and walking home after ushering for football games at Garland Field, when Donnie Hamilton and Gary Burke could run like the wind.

Bangor was, is and will always be a romantic city with

Shirlee Connors-Carlson

Fort Kent Mills

• • •

No more Fords, Chevys

Wow. The Big Three automakers arrive in Washington, hat in hand, asking for our money. Congress agrees to pony up with the reasonable, no, generous, stipulation that wages be brought in line with those of the successful auto companies building cars in the U.S., and Ron Gettelfinger, president of the United Auto Works, has the audacity to say “no concessions.”

I suspect that many, perhaps most of the taxpayers here in Maine and across the country from whom this money is to come don’t even earn as much as someone on the factory floor of Toyota, not to mention GM.

Well, Mr. Gettelfinger, from someone who has a Ford and Chevy parked in his driveway, here’s my bargaining position: no new domestic car for me until the people who make them get paid a reasonable wage.

John Wilson


John Wilson


• • •

Media shirks its duty

On Tuesday, a Bangor Daily News headline read: “Probe clears Obama in debacle on Senate seat.” Whew. But wait. The probe was done by Obama’s lawyer. How ridiculous is that?

Every lawyer says her or his client is innocent. There was no credible probe. Why does the BDN print such a silly storyline?

Everyone knows that Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, was in direct contact with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. It’s undisputed. Does anyone really believe that Emanuel spoke with Blagojevich without Obama’s knowledge and consent? David Axelrod, Obama’s chief advisor, told us weeks ago that Obama had already spoken with the governor about acceptable names for appointment to the Senate. When you elect a Chicago machine politician, you have to expect Chicago machine politics.

The scurrying by the media to clear Obama and his staff from the scandal in Illinois is remarkable. There was a time when newspapers reported the results of real investigations as factual “news”; they once looked for and reported truth.

Gerrard Rudmin


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