June 22, 2018
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Oct. 25 Letters to the Editor


Violated over views

Again we feel violated. A number of times over the past few years our property has been vandalized as a result of our anti-war position. This time someone removed the Obama-Biden sign from our lawn. We feel betrayed, violated and are disappointed that we are unable to exercise our first amendment right to free speech.

It is too bad that someone who obviously disagreed with our political point of view took the tact (or was it a strategy?) to remove our sign. Is this part of the “dirty” politics that the opposition employs in order to try to win the election? Obama supporters: Please remember to vote on Nov. 4. This is a crucial election.

Alan Garber


• • •

Obama not the victim

Heather Johnston, “Attacks are racist” (BDN, Oct. 18), should check her sources. Though she claims someone in a crowd of thousands cried out “Kill him” at a rally in Scranton, Pa., no one can be found who heard it and other supposedly inflammatory remarks.

The Secret Service, charged with protecting the presidential nominees, takes such threats very seriously. The agents at the rally have stated publicly they never heard such shouts.

On the contrary, both John McCain and Sarah Palin have gone out of their way to keep race out of their campaign. It is only the Obama surrogates who, like Ms. Johnston, inject race into the campaign. Barack Obama likes to claim “people” will make an issue of his “funny name” and that he “doesn’t look like those other presidents on those dollar bills.”

Then there is Democratic Rep. John Lewis of Georgia who recently compared McCain to George Wallace. And what about Obama’s minister for 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright? His “liberation theology” went unnoticed by Obama even as Obama was sitting in the pews of the United Methodist Church on the South Side of Chicago.

Ms. Johnston even claims, like so many Obama supporters, not to have heard McCain decrying such statements. Why hasn’t Johnston heard McCain saying we “do not have to be scared” of Obama as president and scolding crowds who have yelled out against her candidate?

William Chapman


• • •

Vote for Jim Martin

I am writing to support Jim Martin for representative at the State House. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim for 10 years, and he is hard working, considerate and will be cautious with my tax dollars. He is capable of listening to the people, looking at the facts and making excellent decisions. His temperament is easy-going and reasonable. He has been successful, a skilled professional for the state of Maine. He has run a small business and is employed 40 hours a week. He works hard and has a social conscience. Please join me in voting for Jim Martin.

Sheryl Ostrow


• • •

McGowan for Slymon

Voters in Clinton, Detroit and Pittsfield have an opportunity on Nov. 4 to elect Valory Slymon to serve as their representative to the Maine House of Representatives. This very caring and thoughtful individual seeking the District 29 seat is a good choice. She will look after our best interests in these troubling and difficult economic times.

Valory Slymon has excellent organizational skills and works well with people. She is enthusiastic and possesses a great deal of energy. She will bring a fresh approach and some much-needed common sense to the law-making process in Augusta.

Please join me on Election Day and cast your ballot for Valory Slymon.

Barney McGowan


• • •

Michaud duplicitous

There are few issues as divisive as abortion, and how our political leaders handle this shows us a great deal about the character of individual politicians. I have more respect for an honest adversary than I have for a duplicitous ally.

Many observers believe that Mike Michaud won election to Congress in 2002 because many conservatives voted for him, believing him when he said he was pro-life and pro-gun rights. Others said that he was lying in order to get elected. Who was right?

As a state elected official from a conservative area, Mr. Michaud was 100 percent pro-life. But when he got to Washington, things began to change. In 2003 he voted for abortion and with NARAL 10 percent of the time.

But by 2004 he was pro-abortion 65 percent of the time, and 75 percent in 2005 and 78 percent in 2006. And in 2007 he reached “perfection”: 100 percent pro-abortion.

Mike still advertises himself as a pro-life, Blue Dog Democrat. This is false. Regardless of what I think of abortion, I know treachery when I see it.

Terry D. Tracy


• • •

McCain better

John McCain is the better choice for president. He is a respected member of the Senate and a distinguished American servant in all respects. His running mate, contrary to the view of some of the media, is an articulate, intelligent family-oriented individual with real executive experience who will bring a breath of fresh air to D.C.

Sen. Obama, roughly the same age as Sarah Palin, has no global experience, and his four years in the Senate were primarily devoted to campaigning for president. He has not initiated one piece of major legislation. Against top military advice, he plans to set a timetable to bring home our troops from Iraq and at the same time increase our involvement in Afghanistan. Will he set a timetable for withdrawal from that area?

He blames the current financial crisis on the present administration and John McCain by association. There are many parties to share the blame for the present financial fiasco, including the current Democratic Congress.

The solution is complicated and long-term and cannot be resolved by executive order. If Sen. Obama can give a tax break to 95 percent of the people, pay for his many proposed programs, increase our military involvement abroad and solve the oil crisis, he is truly a person with special gifts.

Sen. Obama is an excellent speaker, but we need more than talk. We need a leader who has dedicated his life and his ability to serving this country. We need a balance of power in Washington. We need to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Ron Cummings


• • •

Election notice

The Bangor Daily News will stop accepting election-related letters and commentary on Monday, Oct. 27. The newspaper will continue to publish such letters and commentary through the week of Oct. 27-31, ending with the Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 1-2, issue. Not all submissions can be published.

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