June 20, 2018
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Oct. 23 Letters to the Editor


Collins nursing advocate

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sen. Susan Collins since the 1990s and found her to be a consistent true advocate for Maine citizens, especially when it comes to their safety and quality of health care. She understands the nursing shortage will have a major effect on the lives of Maine citizens. The increasing aging nursing workforce, which will be retiring in a few years, will create huge challenges for everyone. Sen. Collins knows nurses play a key role in the design of high-performing health care systems to include bioterrorism preparedness. She realizes RNs are an essential source of care and will have an even larger role in meeting the challenges confronting Maine and the nation.

Through the years Senator Collins has worked tirelessly with Democrats and Republicans to introduce and support legislation to address the nursing shortages and health care services, such as home health care programs. For example, Sen. Collins and Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.) have emphasized that nursing must be a high priority for any legislative initiatives and have fought for more funding to support Title VIII nursing education and workforce development programs. Programs that benefit Maine citizens for health care, education and businesses have been at the heart of her initiatives.

It is important to vote for Sen. Collins because she has and will continue to be a true advocate for nursing and a faithful representative for Maine citizens.

Ann Sossong

Old Town

• • •

Allen would be better

It’s true, Sen. Susan Collins has done many things for Maine. But so has Tom Allen, as congressman. Any good senator would.

Consider Collins’ record. She’s called a moderate, but voted with Bush and Cheney over 80 percent of the time. On their economic policy, it’s been 100 percent of the time, and we got a Wall Street meltdown, massive tax cuts for the very wealthy and unemployment going up.

She voted for the Cheney energy bill, with billions in tax breaks for oil companies, leaving Mainers to struggle with high gas and fuel oil prices. She supported the war in Iraq, and still has no real plan for ending it (even Sen. Olympia Snowe is in favor of withdrawal).

Sen. Collins was chair of a Senate committee that could have investigated the billions in waste and fraud in Iraq but refused to do so. For example, no hearings on the contractors who made our soldiers shower in sewage. She’s aided in the shredding of our constitutional rights and liberties, supporting warrantless wiretapping of Americans and opposing habeas corpus, a fundamental legal right (Sen. Snowe voted the other way). Not what I’d call moderate.

Tom Allen has been on the other side of all these issues. He voted against authorizing the war in Iraq, supports the middle class and working Mainers, supports regulating Wall Street and supports our Constitution.

Isn’t eight years of Bush and his enablers enough?

Peter Kleban


• • •

Re-elect Palmer

Few people I’ve met in 30 years in Bangor know as much about the city’s history as Gerry Palmer. Even fewer have contributed to this city he loves as much as he has. Gerry has served with distinction on the city council and been personally involved in most of the advances, large and small, the city has made in recent years. He was a tireless worker, for example, for the Dakin Pool project, not only on the council, but by rolling up his sleeves and serving as volunteer chef at over a dozen events for donors and swimmers.

As the only incumbent on this year’s council ballot his reelection will help assure continuity of the above-average, hands-on, municipal government our city enjoys.

Bill Sullivan


• • •

Jim Martin good choice

Jim Martin good choice

I am writing to express my support of Jim Martin in his race for House District 18. I met Jim this spring during the primary campaign season, and he impressed me with both his appreciation for the big issues facing this region and with the perspective he brings from his experience as a small-business owner and his background in social service.

Maine’s over-reliance on oil as an energy source has put the people of our state in a very precarious economic position. Jim recognizes the urgency this has created to develop a comprehensive, long-term energy strategy to not only keep Mainers warm the next few winters, but also to ensure that we have adequate, affordable resources available 10-15 years down the road.

As the owner of a small business in Bangor he learned the challenges such businesses face in providing health care in the face of skyrocketing insurance costs. Jim will endeavor to ensure that the hard working people of Maine do not have to choose between food and shelter and their health care needs.

Brad Borman


• • •

Collins is bipartisan

Our next senator must be committed in working in a bi-partisan manner to solve the astronomically high energy costs that threaten low-income and elderly citizens. The prices of gasoline, home heating oil and diesel are creating serious economic hardships for small businesses across Maine.

Sen. Susan Collins has a record of working in a bipartisan manner by building consensus between diverse groups. She reached across party affiliation to ensure greater transparency, accountability and oversight of our financial institutions and guarded against corporate price manipulation. Sen. Collins has championed the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

In the last four years, the number of households receiving LIHEAP assistance increased by 26 percent. Sen. Collins has been a stalwart leader in developing commercially-viable technologies to produce ethanol from cellulosic sources.

Using the research and development assets at the University of Maine and Maine Maritime Academy, she advocates tidal, geothermal, solar and wind for renewable energy resources and she will expand tax credits to residential homes and small businesses in Maine.

As voters, we seek a bipartisan approach by our elected officials to solve our energy and financial challenges. Sen. Collins will continue to fight for working families and small businesses in Maine.

Rep. H. David Cotta


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