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An Asociacion Carnavalesca de Massachusetts member gives a high-five to Faustina Millien 6, to open last year's American Folk Festival.

The folk festival needs you to go enjoy the music — and contribute to its future

Editorial: To get in on the excitement, head downtown and enjoy the festivities.

North Woods monument will bring new energy, people to region

With President Barack Obama’s proclamation, Maine is now home to our country’s newest national monument.
Jarryl Larson (right) with Kadisha (center) in this undated photo.

What I learned from welcoming a young Muslim girl fleeing war into my life

OpEd: I raised a Muslim daughter who also raised me by sharing her strengths, cultural courage and kindness that she brought with her to America.
Cast member Leslie Jones poses at the premiere of the film &quotGhostbusters" in Hollywood, California, July 9, 2016.

When internet trolls attack, we all lose

Alex Steed: While I am horrified, I am not surprised by what happened to Leslie Jones.
The Maine State House in Augusta

Maine will be recovering from LePage-induced damage for years. Recovery should start now.

Editorial: The LePage administration has been steadily chipping away at Maine’s public health infrastructure.

Pardon my French on Katahdin Woods and Waters Monument

C’est la vie. It is fait accompli. Seisin of thousands of acres of Maine has been signed over to the federal government. Maybe the Obama administration will …
Red-breasted nuthatch

Nuthatches are everywhere this summer

Red-breasted nuthatches made an epic number of babies this year.
The central offices of Portland Public Schools can be seen on Cumberland Avenue in Portland in this May 2016 file photo.

We can improve our schools by drawing on the knowledge of immigrant families

To make our schools more accessible, faculty and staff should definitely improve outreach to these families — but that isn’t enough.

In an information rich world, illiteracy has high costs

OpEd: Not being able to read is too simple a way of defining illiteracy.
Lucas St. Clair looks toward Mount Katahdin in 2013 at a lookout on land that became the Maine Woods National Monument on Wednesday.

Maine’s ‘valuable addition’ to national park system is ready for your visit

Editorial: We don’t believe it will take 100 years to realize the value of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. We thank the president for seeing the beauty, historical significance and promise of the nation’s newest monument and we thank the Quimby family for their generosity.

Mark Holbrook: Just ‘hold your nose’ and vote for me and Trump

It may not be the compelling campaign slogan in Maine political history, but you can’t fault First-District Republican congressional candidate Mark Holbrook for his directness. …

Stand up for students, yes or no?

Steven Biel: It’s been 12 years since Maine voted to require the state to cover 55 percent of the cost of public education, and in …
Mount Katahdin and other mountains in Baxter State Park are seen from an outlook at the end of the Barnard Mountain Trail in the new Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

The national monument we have been waiting for

President Barack Obama’s decision to establish the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is wonderful news for the Katahdin region.

Why southern Mainers should quit celebrating the national monument

It’s no secret to Mainers that there is a regional divide between the northern and southern parts of the state. To most Mainers, the term …

Here’s my advice for how Maine can take on the challenges facing forest industries

OpEd: Last week, a federal Economic Development Assessment Team visited Maine. If they were to ask my advice, here are some things I’d ask them to consider.
Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, looks for Wessie by the Presumpscot River.

Maine’s weird history of mystery snakes

1878 sightings by the inhabitants of Winslow tell of a large, spotted snake, 8-10-feet long.

Why Trump’s pivot will fail

Last week, Donald Trump said he is trying to pivot. For a few days afterwards, …

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