The cassoulet ready for the bread crumb layer to finish it off. If a dish tastes great, who quibbles over authenticity? France’s famous bean stew rich with duck, pork, and sausage with generous lashings of duck fat, and onion, herbs, and a crust… Read More
    Valentine’s Day ought to be subtitled, “Annual Let’s Eat Chocolate Day.” Boxes of bon bons, truffles, heart shaped cakes, chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and heart-shaped sprinkles in red, you know–the whole nine chocolate yards, with a few roses and diamonds stuck in for… Read More


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You will have an opportunity to challenge your taste buds at the Belfast Farmers’ Market’s Pre-Valentine’s Day Taste of the Market, Friday, February 9th. Market members are cooking up some delicious food to showcase what you can do with locally produced goods available at this time of year. Read More
    By Eric B. Gordon, Executive Director of Communications at Husson University BANGOR — Mastery of skills essential to daily living is important to achieving success in life. But what do you do if no one ever taught you how to create entrees, balance a… Read More