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A crown is affixed to a wild goat as it is crowned King Puck and set to be held on a platform above the town for three days in Killorglin, Ireland August 10, 2017. You will never see this on Rusty Metal Farm.

Rusty Metal Farm has always been, and will always be goat-free

Frankly, they creep me out.

Backyard chickens: When you can’t have anything nice

I’m convinced one of the best decisions we ever made for our family was getting chickens and starting this whole homesteading thing. Our hens provide us with breakfast every morning and constant entertainment, but they also provide us with a sad back yard.
Singer-songwriter Sara Trunzo of Unity recently came to WBFY community radio in Belfast to talk about her experiences trying to break into country music in Nashville.

Maine songwriter, with Nashville dreams, finds inspiration in snowmobiles, dairy farms

“All those red, dirt-road songs don’t apply. We have frozen pipes and snowmobiles and dairy farms. We have a whole pile of stuff that’s a resource.”
Jackson, New Hampshire, Police Chief Chris Perley guides Noir the llama down Carter Notch Road at the Eagle Mountain House on Monday, August 14.

Llama jumps fence to chase bear away from farm ducks, then goes to local golf course

Police in New Hampshire this week were able to corral a llama who had escaped his farm in pursuit of a bear, then wandered onto a nearby golf course.
A selection of vegetables from the grill.

From the garden to the grill

Grilled vegetables are a different way to add some veggies to your grilled meal.
Louis and Mowgli, a pair of Norwegian dwarf goats who escaped their pen in Belfast back in April, were on the lam again Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. Belfast police Sgt. Daniel Fitzpatrick went to recover the goats from a stranger's garden and return them to their High Street home

Wily internet-famous goats captured by Belfast police again

Belfast’s most notorious escape artists are at it again.
Some of the people who rent garden plots at the Bangor Community Garden have noticed that the vegetables are getting stolen this summer.

Thefts at Bangor Community Garden prompt addition of surveillance

“I think some people are getting the impression that because it says ‘community garden’ they can just come in and take whatever they want, and that’s just not true.”
Dirt is kicked up on a road that runs through potato fields near the Fort Kent-Frenchville town line.

Dry weather has Maine potato growers hoping for rain

August is a critical month for the growth of potatoes. With harvest occurring in September, at this time the potato fields already have blossomed and the tubers start to grow from petite new potatoes into full sized ones — if there’s enough rain, that is.
Although Maine blueberry growers have had a string of bumper crops in recent years, as shown in this 2016 photo, this year’s growing season is expected to produce a smaller crop.

Maine’s wild blueberry barrens facing a smaller harvest, difficult season

The cold, windy and wet weather of early spring was not conducive to pollination, which is critical to a healthy blueberry harvest. Additionally, there recently has been a rain deficit in wild blueberry land.
Dirt is kicked up on a road that runs through potato fields near the Fort Kent-Frenchville town line.

How Maine can be in a drought, even during record rainfall

Maine has been getting more rain and snow each year, in part because of more intense storms brought on by climate change, yet the state is still experiencing droughts, according to weather forecasters and climatologists.