Fun meets funky in Maine’s Carrabassett Valley

Just when I think I’ve got a handle on all the wonders of Maine, something new pops up on my radar that begs to be explored. Frankly, that’s one of the best parts about living in Maine. There is always something new to discover.


5 places to get a good St. Patrick’s Day meal in Maine

From shepherd’s pie to colcannon, Maine’s Irish pubs bring the best of Ireland to the East Coast. Here is a list of the few where, Irish or not, you can still gather with a pint of Guinness and fully embrace the essence of “Erin go bragh,” through food.



How to make pebble portraits

Looking for a fun and simple project to do with the kids that’s truly frame-worthy? Create a funky pebble portrait of your family, friends and pets to display on the wall or give as a gift.

How you can improve brain health

Our brains are in charge of all our organs and their functions, so keeping them healthy is essential to our overall health.

How quieting the mind can benefit your life

In the past two decades, the practice of mindfulness and meditation has gone from being a spiritual practice done at ashrams in India, where it originated thousands of years ago, to the mainstream as the celebrities who tout its benefits.

Making meaning in a writing classroom

When sitting in a room full of typing teens, universal truths unfold themselves. In fact, relatively few experiences in life are as epiphanic as watching kids write.

Why you should visit Maine’s capital

Home to the Augusta Civic Center, the Maine State Capital and more, and located centrally between Portland and Bangor, you might just find yourself in this city on a river. And when you do, here’s what you should do.

How to survive winter allergy season

Sniffling and sneezing? Seemingly suffering from back-to-back cold symptoms through winter? Winter allergies may be the culprit.


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