So, what’s good in Bangor this weekend? Well, on Friday, it’s vinyl night with Queen City Sound System at Nocturnem Drafthaus, there’s an acoustic Neil Young tribute night with Briz at Black Bear Brewing, the Wyatt Jenkins Band is at Paddy Murphy’s, and up in… Read More
    22 out of the 31 days in the month reached or exceeded the average daily high. That's hot. That's real hot. And it isn't stopping with August, either, as temps this weekend are expected to be in the mid to high 80s, even with projected rain. How will you beat the heat this weekend? Read More
In this edition: 1) Run under the lights in Caribou. 2) Run a wild weekend relay in Mt. Chase. 3) Run, walk, or bike for cancer in Fort Kent. Plus lots more!   Events:   Friday, August 17… Read More
    AUGUSTA, Me-  I was pleased to recently see some of  the life’s work of the late Peter Archambault, of Madawaska, when I visited the Holocaust and Human Rights Center, on the Campus of the University of Maine Augusta (UMA) and the Michael Klahr Center Exhibit Space. It is… Read More
    This month’s session will focus on issues concerning rhetoric and political persuasion. See the website for suggested readings. All are welcome. Read More