The cassoulet ready for the bread crumb layer to finish it off. If a dish tastes great, who quibbles over authenticity? France’s famous bean stew rich with duck, pork, and sausage with generous lashings of duck fat, and onion, herbs, and a crust… Read More
    Who knew that when I was being an irresponsible delinquent in my Hampden Academy High School years, I would someday be promoting one of my books in the 8th Annual Key West Book Fair? I can assure you that one group who didn’t foresee… Read More
    BANGOR — Bangor Winterfest 2018, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 17, Downtown Bangor, West Market Square. Family-friendly events all day, at Downtown businesses and institutions. Free unless otherwise noted. Visit Bangor Winterfest Facebook page for full schedule of events. WINTERFEST 2018 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS… Read More
Let’s Talk About It: Points of View Book Group. A program from the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine State Library. The most recognized narratives of the Islamic world often come to Westerners in the daily news. The drama of conflict, chaos and war abruptly arrives… Read More
    “Threnody for Ann Arceneaux” — a trio for clarinet, viola and piano composed by Eric Thomas, Colby music associate and director of bands — is the featured work on this chamber program. The work, jointly commissioned by the Maine Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association, was… Read More