ALLAGASH, Maine — Allagash residents are keeping close tabs on one another as ice jams in the St. John and Allagash rivers threaten flooding in the town and surrounding areas.

The National Weather Service issued a  flood advisory Wednesday morning for Allagash, Dickey, Allagash Township, Saint Francis and Saint John.

The situation became more concerning early Wednesday afternoon as a section of ice from the adjacent Allagash River gave way and stopped up against the St. John River jam, resident Darlene Kelly Dumond said.

Keeping watch over the northern rivers is a seasonal event for Allagash residents. Each spring,  “ice out” contests are informally held online to predict on what date and time the river ice will break free. The river ice has not breached the roads in recent years, until this season, but residents will never ​​forget the Allagash flood of 1991 when the St. John River suddenly gave way and more than 100 people had to find cover at the local Baptist church.

The weather service warned that low-water crossings could become impassable and that river and stream water levels were elevated and rising.

Sue Underhill Kelly, co-owner and operator at Tylor Kellys Camps in Allagash,helps to monitor the rivers during the seasonal ice jams and keep the town informed.

“The Allagash ice doesn’t really have a place to go unless the St John River ice moves out, so it may continue until it builds up enough pressure for something to give,” Underhill Kelly said. “Nobody can predict this stuff; there are too many factors.”

The river breached the roadway in the low land on Tuesday night as large ice cakes made their way into the middle of Dickey Road leading into Allagash from Route 161.

As is often the case during trying times in the remote northern Maine town, Allagash residents have been working together to look out for their neighbors.

“The men of Allagash cleared it promptly and checked on a young mother and her two wee ones that were on their second floor when the river came to their door,” Kelly Dumond said.

Bernard McBreairty and Brandon Lane removed the ice flow in the road, and Jan Soucy checked on the young woman’s situation in the night, Kelly Dumond said.

The water receded before it entered the home, but the townspeople remained on alert about an ice jam above Cross Rock.

“There is still much ice way up on the St John that will come down. The jam has not left Allagash yet,” Kelly Dumond said.

St. Francis Fire Chief Gerald Jandreau said Wednesday afternoon his town is not at risk of flooding.

“It looks good because the ice has all run out of St. Francis. It ran through St. Francis and St. John last night and has gone beyond Fort Kent I believe. It’s all in Allagash right now,” Jandreau said.

The weather service advised people not to drive over flooded roadways as most flood deaths occur in vehicles.