FORT KENT, Maine — Four-year-old Clyde Overton may have been among the smallest athletes on the Fort Kent ski hill, but a crash into a portable outhouse did not shake his sizable confidence.

Overton’s March 6 misadventure at the bottom of the Lonesome Pine Trails kiddie tow was recently featured on the long-running ABC television program America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Clyde’s mother Rebecca Stroman Overton saw him off at the top of the snowy hill, while his father Dr. Mark Overton waited at the bottom of the kiddie tow for his son. As Clyde began his descent, he demonstrated his good manners by waving and saying hello to a small girl tethered to an adult.

Four year old Clyde Overton of Fort Kent enjoys downhill skiing, and is not afraid to go fast. Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Stroman Overton

The brave little boy was itching to ski fast, as captured on the Go Pro camera attached to his protective helmet that afternoon.

“I’m going faster than you guys, ha ha,” Clyde reveled, as he quickly picked up speed.

Clyde was no inexperienced skier for his age, having taken up the sport the previous winter when he was 3 years old.

​​”He had many lessons and knew how to stop using the pizza technique,” Rebecca Stroman Overton said.  

The pizza technique, also known as the snow plow technique, is when a skier points the ski tips toward one another in a V-shape in order to slow down or come to a stop.

Clyde did not utilize the pizza technique on this day.

Dr. Overton could be heard on the Go Pro recording shouting “pizza, pizza,” as he leapt out of the way of his fast approaching son who passed him, crashed into the outhouse and bounced to the ground.

Clyde was not injured and took the collision in stride.

“We’re a pretty low-key optimistic bunch,” Rebecca Stroman Overton said. “I think Clyde loves skiing so much, he didn’t make much of the crash because he didn’t want to stop skiing.”

After this experience, Clyde was sure to “pizza” when reaching the bottom of the hill.

Perhaps Clyde’s fearlessness will serve him well if he maintains his goal to become a firefighter when he grows up.

The video appeared on the Sunday, Oct. 3, episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos. The episode is also available on Hulu.