A man who worked as a federal police officer in Maine and is wanted in Penobscot County on a sexual assault charge has been arrested in Arizona.

Khalil Hassan Rashed, 24, of Sierra Vista, Arizona, agreed at a court appearance in the Grand Canyon State on Monday to be returned to Bangor to face trial, according to the Arizona Daily Independent.

Rashed worked as a police officer at the Togus VA Medical Center campus outside of Augusta between January and June, a Veterans Affairs spokesperson told the Arizona newspaper.

The Penobscot County District Attorney’s office has until Oct. 25 to arrange for Rashed’s return to Maine. The county uses Security Transport Services of Topeka, Kansas, to transport defendants arrested out of state to Penobscot County.

Rashed is being held without bail at the Cochise County Jail.

The current COVID-19 break at the Penobscot County jail might delay his return depending on how long it lasts, as the jail has limited new admissions during past outbreaks.

The affidavit seeking a warrant for Rashed’s arrest is impounded at the Penobscot Judicial Center so information about what led to the charge has not been made public. It is the practice of the court clerk’s office to unseal documents after defendants make their first appearances before judges in Maine.

Rashed was arrested by the Sierra Vista police and taken to the Cochise County Jail on Sept. 25, according to the jail’s records.

Before working at Togus, Rashed left Sierra Vista in 2015 and joined the U.S. Marine Corps, the Arizona Daily Independent reported. He left his Togus post in June to work for a different federal agency, the VA spokesperson told the Arizona newspaper.

Information about when he returned to Arizona was not available Wednesday.