Kingfish Zeeland's land-based yellowtail farm in the Netherlands, pictured above, produces 600 tons of fish a year. The company plans to build a larger, $110 million land-based yellowtail fish farm in Jonesport, Maine. Credit: Courtesy of Kingfish Zeeland

A new conflict is emerging over large-scale fish-farming in Maine.

The local chapter of the Sierra Club is appealing a discharge permit granted by the Department of Environmental Protection to Kingfish Maine, which plans to grow up to 8,000 metric tons of yellowtail a year in a land-based facility in Jonesport.

In a press release, the conservation groups says DEP did not give sufficient consideration to impacts on sensitive eelgrasses. A Kingfish spokeswoman says the company is reviewing the appeal. Officials at the Sierra Club and could not be reached for comment.

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