Allagash, the crown of Maine, is a place where hunters can bag a giant moose, visitors can photograph deer herds and, apparently, where hungry hummingbirds can be spotted drinking from watermelon.

Darlene Kelly Dumond of Allagash recently watched a hummingbird with a hankering for watermelon drinking from the fruit in her backyard.

The avid gardener and animal lover had left a piece of partially eaten watermelon on a table on her deck when she headed out to her garden to plant perennials.

“I always plant in my perennial gardens for bees, birds and butterflies,” she said. “I have hundreds planted and lots of wee friends come, but yesterday was a riot.”

Time flew by as Dumond added 56 more plants to her garden and the watermelon sat out on the table.

“It wasn’t until evening that I returned to it and by then it had sat out too long for my consumption so I tossed it into the chicken coop for my girls to have a refreshing snack,” she said.

When she returned to her deck to relax, a male hummingbird began flying all around her, buzzing in her ears.

“I had never seen the likes of it,” Dumond said.

“I have always been keen to animal messages with my little place here; the sheep, chickens, pups [and other animals] always let me know when they need water or feed,” she said. “I sat there for several minutes and looked around thinking, ‘what is it, little bird?’ There was no hummingbird feeder where I was sitting and then it came to me — he wanted that watermelon back.”

She grabbed a fresh plate of watermelon and put it out on the table. Sure enough, the buzzy little bird helped himself.

“He settled right down and began to enjoy the sweet nectar,” Dumond said. “He was not frightened at all of me being so close. I will buy watermelon all summer now.”