A 14-year-old boy was ice fishing near his family’s home in Milford when a bullet whizzed past his head.

NBC affiliate WCSH reported that Avery Redding was out on the ice Sunday when he heard numerous gunshots nearby. That wasn’t an unusual occurrence, and Redding often heard gunshots from the shooting ranges at the Maine Youth Fish & Game Association and from hunters in the surrounding woods.

But this time the shots got too close.

Redding was wearing a GoPro at the time, capturing the shooting on camera. At one point, a bullet came close enough to him that the camera picked up the sound of it flying past.

“I heard gunshots, which is normal, and then all of a sudden I hear one shot that I heard the whizzing of the bullet right by my head,” Avery told the TV station.

Unnerved, the boy decided to pack up and go home. But just as he was leaving, more shots were fired and he dropped for cover on the ground.

He wasn’t injured.

Game wardens later found the shooter, who was firing at a steel target just off the ground without a recommended backstop and few trees between the target and where Redding was fishing, according to WCSH.

“Anybody can be a gun owner but be a responsible gun owner and do your homework before you go out shooting,” his father, Matt, who is president of the Maine Youth Fish & Game Association, told the TV station.