Fancy deviled eggs can liven up an Independence Day spread. Credit: Courtesy of Sandy Oliver

Eggs are an inexpensive, accessible and versatile protein. Eggs can be prepared so many different ways, but it can be easy to get stuck in the habit of making the same kind of eggs every morning. But mixing it up doesn’t have to mean committing to complicated scientifically-perfect scrambled eggs, either.

Embrace the magical versatility of eggs. Here are 13 new ways to incorporate eggs into your meal that will have you picking up an extra dozen every time you go to the grocery store or farmers’ market.

Tomato spring onion baked egg for one

Tomato and Spring Onion Baked Egg for One Credit: Sarah Walker Caron / BDN

This recipe is as simple as it is delicious. Fresh tomatoes are mixed with spring onions, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s baked until it begins to soften. The egg tops the partially cooked tomato mixture — plus, a sprinkle of parmesan — and it bakes until the egg white sets. Try this recipe for tomato spring onion baked egg for a quick and delicious breakfast for one.

Farmers market veggie fried rice

Combining parsnips, radishes, spinach and shallots with rice, sesame oil and a few other things, this recipe creates a hearty dish that’s filling and inexpensive to make. Serve it topped with poached eggs to give it protein, making this a well-rounded meal. This recipe for farmers market veggie fried rice is sure to be a fast favorite in your home kitchen.

Smashed avocado toast with tomato and egg

Avocado Toast Credit: Sarah Walker Caron / BDN

Avocado toast isn’t just for millennials anymore. Start with English muffins, and while they toast, smash a ripe avocado with salt and pepper until you like the consistency. Spread that avocado goodness all over the toasted muffins and add a juicy tomato slice. A warm fried egg finishes off the toast and brings the whole thing together. Check out this recipe for smashed avocado toast with tomato and egg for a fun riff on this trendy treat.

Egg salad sliders with bacon

You won’t be able to just eat one of these spicy sliders. Mash eggs with mayonnaise, ground mustard and paprika, slather onto sweet Hawaiian rolls and top with crispy bacon for that perfect crunch. This recipe for egg salad sliders with bacon can be served for breakfast, lunch or even as an appetizer for your next fancy dinner.

Eggs in a nest

This Eggs in a Nest recipe is perfect for a special breakfast. Credit: Courtesy of Sandy Oliver

This aesthetically-pleasing breakfast is perfect for special occasions. All you have to do is separate the eggs, beat the whites into stiff peaks for a meringue to spread on a slice of bread. Make a dent deep enough in the meringue to cradle the yolk, and then bake it with dried dill and grated cheese. Try this recipe for eggs in a nest to mix up your breakfast routine.

Savory breakfast eggs

Elevate your eggs with fragrant herbs, aromatic alliums and savory cheese. You can mix it up depending on your mood, too. A little bit of cilantro, a piece of hot chili pepper finely chopped and a grating of jack cheese might make it a Tex-Mex egg, while chervil or tarragon, plus minced shallots, and a bit of grated gruyere cheese might make you think of France or Switzerland. Mastering this recipe for savory breakfast eggs will yield infinite possibilities for your future breakfast scrambles.

Egg roulade

Roulade is a curlicue of egg, cheese and vegetables made from a batter that cooks in a jelly roll pan. The eggs become nearly as firm as a crepe, and are topped with delicious fillings before they are rolled up. This recipe for egg roulade can be a bit time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth the effort for the “wow” factor.

Deviled eggs

Fancy deviled eggs can liven up an Independence Day spread. Credit: Courtesy of Sandy Oliver

Trust us, it is worth it to take the time to turn hard boiled eggs into deviled eggs. Once you’ve whipped up the yolks, you can let your imagination run wild — sometimes a dab of garnish will change the character of a deviled egg, after all. Add a bit of tapenade, hot pepper paste, or a bit of herb pesto, basil or cilantro — all would do the trick. Check out these three recipes for deviled eggs to get started: herby deviled eggs, curry deviled eggs and smoked paprika deviled eggs.

Mushroom and leek bread pudding

Mushroom and Leek Bread Pudding Credit: Courtesy of Sandy Oliver

This casserole-like dish is an ideal accompaniment to a dinner with chicken or turkey. If you leave out the bacon and use vegetable stock instead, you have a hearty and savory dish for vegetarians as well. Eggs are an important cohesive agent in any kind of bread pudding, but with a savory bread pudding, they are given the opportunity to shine as much as they bind. Here is a recipe for mushroom and leek bread pudding.

Winter squash fritters

Winter Squash Fritters are a perfect way to use remaining winter squash. Credit: Courtesy of Sandy Oliver

With the help of eggs, leftover squash can be made into scrumptious savory pancakes with a crispy edge. Squash fritters with cumin and garlic are delicious, but you can use chili powder, onions, shallots, taco seasoning or curry powder, too. Plop a little sour cream on top if you like or a sprinkle of cheese. You can even make them smaller to use as an appetizer. Check out this recipe for winter squash fritters that will help you make use of your eggs and the last of your squash.

Creamed eggs

Creamed eggs is a lovely lunch, brunch or light supper dish. It can be eaten on toast, baked potatoes or even rice with cooked fish for dinner. Once you make the creamed eggs, you can do all sorts of things like add asparagus, peas, spinach, or slivers of smoked salmon. Try this recipe for creamed eggs to see for yourself.

Hollandaise sauce

Blender hollandaise sauce is an easy recipe to make for drizzling on spring vegetables. Credit: Courtesy of Sandy Oliver

A mix of melted butter, egg yolk, lemon juice and salt, hollandaise works with most green vegetables, fish, chicken, even steak. With a blender the process is extra easy, taking only the time needed to melt butter and assemble ingredients in the blender. Since the recipe calls for yolks, you’ll have three egg whites to be creative with — but there is always meringue for that. Once you make this blender hollandaise sauce, you can even use it to top eggs benedict for a veritable eggs-ception.

Italian scrambled eggs with asparagus and ham

Asparagus for breakfast may seem absurd, but combined with smoky ham and creamy eggs, it is to die for. Try this recipe for Italian scrambled eggs with asparagus and ham for your next savory brunch, and it surely won’t disappoint.

Eggs are very versatile and can be eaten in many different ways. These recipes will make eggs a star in your home kitchen if they are not already.