RANGELEY — Two fugitives have been captured after being found hiding in a garage in Rangeley Plantation, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Police had been searching for 36-year-old Shawn Batchelder and Steven Peterson after they disappeared near Byron on Sept. 18.

Batchelder is a convicted sex offender-who was out on probation and failed to report to his probation officer. Peterson was out on bail for a gross sexual assault charge.

On Thursday, a couple reported two men flagging them down on Bemis Road in Rangeley Plantation and called the police after recognizing them.

The men were found hiding in a homeowner’s garage on the same road a couple hours later.

They were arrested without incident and taken to the hospital for evaluation, deputies said.

“We were quite surprised to find that they had actually been living in the woods the entire time. We are happy that this matter has come to a peaceful conclusion, and that local residents can rest easy knowing that these two are no longer in the area,” Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols said.

Once medically cleared, both men were taken to the Franklin County Jail.