A moose gained fame this week for being spotted in several urban areas in southern Maine, including Willard Beach. Credit: CBS 13

A moose was tranquilized and captured in South Portland Wednesday night, bringing an end to the animal’s three-day journey through southern Maine.

The moose was first spotted Monday in Scarborough, wandering around the town’s municipal campus.

“He checked out the library and basketball and tennis courts before heading over to the track area and getting caught in the bleachers,” the Scarborough Police Department wrote on its Facebook page. “Officers were able to corral him out and back into the woods behind the ice rink.”

By Tuesday the animal had traveled to Highland Avenue in South Portland, according to the South Portland Police Department. By nightfall he was spotted heading into the woods off Sawyer Road in Cape Elizabeth.

The moose’s fame rose Wednesday morning when he was spotted at Willard Beach in South Portland, and later on the Southern Maine Community College campus.

The moose is seen on Willard Beach Wednesday morning. Credit: Courtesy of South Portland Police Department

One South Portland resident said the moose traveled through her neighborhood late Tuesday night with an escort from the police.

“When I came out, I think they heard me saying ‘Oh my gosh, it’s a moose!’ and then one of the dogs up the street started barking, so then everybody started to come out, and we all just kind of just watched it, you know, walk up the street, it was amazing,” Jewel Church told CBS 13.

Biologist Brad Zitske told News Center Maine that based on photos of the moose seen in South Portland the photos of the one spotted in Scarborough earlier this week, it’s likely the same moose.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife tranquilized the moose so he could be moved to a safer environment. He appeared to be in good health.

“We were concerned for the welfare of the moose. He was starting to get stressed out,” Lt. Thomas Simonds told the Portland Press Herald. “We tried to create a safe space for the moose, but it was hard due to an intense level of public interest. The sheer volume of curiosity seekers strained our resources.”

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