People called for a Waterville planning board member to resign during a Monday night planning board meeting due to racist comments she allegedly made to her Iraqi neighbors.

The Waterville Morning Sentinel reports that Catherine Weeks allegedly told her neighbors that they are not welcome in her white, American neighborhood and that they should leave.

They have since filed a protection from harassment order against her, saying that Weeks videotapes the family on her cellphone and has called the police on them repeatedly.

Weeks was not at the meeting on Monday night but has previously denied the allegations against her, according to the Morning Sentinel.

“All I can say is, at this time, my property rights have been destroyed, and I have never had a direct conversation with this person, nor have I ever seen his wife,” Weeks said. “I am just defending the property that has been destroyed. That’s all I’m going to say at this time. The evidence will come out in the court.”

Organizer Darby Beaulieu stood outside during Monday night’s planning board meeting holding a that said, “Weeks Must Go!” alongside other demonstrators.

“My main concern is that this would just fly under the radar,” she said.

Other Waterville residents have also come to the family’s defense recently. Local business owner Bruce Salsbury told the Sentinel that he heard Weeks say the alleged racist comments to the family.

“She said, ‘You people need to go back where you came from. I don’t want you here.’ She just said he was not welcome, and go back to his own country,” Salsbury told the newspaper. “She didn’t have any use for them. They shouldn’t be here.”

Despite calls from residents asking that the city remove Weeks from her seat on the planning board, City Manager Michael Roy said the city has no legal recourse to that end because her role is not an elected position.