In this Monday, May 7, 2018, photo, Joshua M. Ferguson, who received Ontario's first non-binary birth certificate, talks to media at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa, Ontario. Maine is considering adding a nonbinary option to birth certificates. Credit: Sean Kilpatrick | AP

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine might start offering nonbinary birth certificates.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is considering changing rules so nonbinary can be used as a gender marker on birth certificates, the Portland Press Herald reported. Nonbinary people are people who have a gender identity that is not strictly male or female.

If the change is approved, parents would be allowed to choose nonbinary at birth or allow for the issue of a new birth certificate later in life, the Press Herald reported.

The state began offering nonbinary driver’s licenses and identification cards in 2018. The proposal to offer nonbinary birth certificates is up for a state public hearing on March 9.

At least a dozen states offer some form of third gender IDs or birth certificates.