Portland's City Hall Plaza was vandalized and spray painted with graffiti overnight. Credit: Courtesy of City of Portland

PORTLAND, Maine — Someone spray-painted graffiti about the treatment of the homeless on the sidewalk outside City Hall in Portland, Maine, police said Monday.

The graffiti states, “No one deserves to be out in the cold” and “No cap on the new shelter.” Advocates for the homeless have been lobbying city officials to make sure everyone who needs shelter is afforded it at a new facility five miles from the old one.

The city said in a statement that it “respects all opinions regarding policy matters, but we do not tolerate criminal acts, and defacing city property is not the right way to share your message.”

Officials said the city plans to press charges if the person or people who made the graffiti is located.

Meanwhile, the graffiti is being removed from the plaza outside City Hall.