Electrical issues likely sparked a fire at a Rockland hotel in May 2019. Credit: Courtesy of Rockland Fire and EMS

ROCKLAND, Maine — One of the city’s oldest hotels is no longer at risk of being forced to close after numerous fire code violations have been fixed.

The Trade Winds Inn’s lodging license was in limbo last month after fire officials found numerous violations at the 80-room hotel including a lack of sprinkler heads and holes in parts of the ceiling, which put the facility at higher risk for fire.

After being granted a 30-day extension on the license, the hotel’s management fixed the issues, according to Rockland City Manager Tom Luttrell, and its lodging license was renewed last week. If not fixed, the hotel would have been forced to close while the repairs were made.

This is not the first time the Trade Winds Inn has been at risk of losing its lodging license. In 2016, the hotel was featured on the Travel Channel show “Hotel Impossible,” which aims to help hotel owners turn around their struggling properties.

When the show aired, one city councilor called it an “embarrassment” because the episode exposed numerous fire code violations, including household extension cords being used in ceilings of rooms and charred wiring near insulation. Those problems were remedied after the City Council gave the hotel’s management a 30-day extension on their lodging license.

The more recent violations were found after electrical fires occurred at the Trade Winds in May.

The hotel was built in downtown Rockland in 1965 and has undergone several expansions. The facility features a health club, pool and a restaurant.

Messages left for the hotel’s management have not been returned.