Meteors fall through the night sky over Cadillac Mountain during the annual Perseid meteor shower, as seen from Schoodic Point in Winter Harbor in the early pre-dawn hours of August 12, 2016. Credit: Dan Little

If you’re in need of a beautiful place to stargaze in Maine, look no further.

A new study in the Journal of Environmental Management found that there are only a handful of locations left in the U.S. where you can eye a “pristine” sky without light pollution, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Maine was the only state east of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to make the list.

Credit: Courtesy of The Washington Post

So we asked our readers where their favorite spots are in Maine to catch a beautiful night sky, and they didn’t disappoint. Here are some of your top recommendations, lightly edited for clarity.

Have a favorite spot that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Kevin Culleton, Facebook: “Halfway between Loring Air Force Base and Fort Fairfield just after mid-shift back in the late ’80s. I would sometimes stop and get out of the car to just look at the multitude of stars you never see otherwise. It’s humbling.”

Justin Breen, Facebook: “Honestly right here in Warren, Maine. I went coyote hunting once or twice and the nights with no moon are amazing.”

Linda Harvey, Facebook: “Schoodic Lake, Lakeview Plantation.”

Sharon Birmingham, Facebook: “On Toddy Pond in Surry.”

@mainelybeth, Twitter: “Sunsets [in] Wilton.”

Faye Booker, Facebook: “Moosehead Lake, on a boat, out in [the] middle of its 20-mile width!”

Cindy White, Facebook: “Sunday Pond. Right outside of Baxter State Park. No light pollution.”

Jasmine Ireland, Facebook: “Portage Lake!”

Norman Bamford, Facebook: “Definitely Steuben.”

Bill Ingalls, Facebook: “Snowshoe Lake.”

Del Nason, Facebook: “Top of Pirate Hill in Lambert Lake Twp. Can see forever on a clear night. Living the last decade in southern Maine I miss nights where it’s so dark and quiet your ears hurt.”

@amshebron, Twitter: “Top of the hill on Greenwood Mountain Road in Hebron!”

Scott Erskine, Facebook: “Sand Beach and Jordan Pond in January, both in Acadia.”

Judi Jacobs Look, Facebook: “Moose Pond, Bridgton.”

@ScottMGagnon, Twitter: “Some random blueberry barren in Machias watching a meteor shower.”

Credit: Bridget Brown

Pamela Sutherland Lent, Facebook: “Brassau Lake rocks, [in Somerset County].”

Cheryl-Brian Gallant, Facebook: “Charleston Hill [in Penobscot County]. The Northern Lights there are great at times.”

Gary D Peabody, Facebook: “Matinicus Isle, Maine.”

Nada Weiksner, Facebook: “Always the best in Aroostook County. Winter is the best but anytime of year up there is great!”

Laurie Gilley, Facebook: “Hart’s Pond in East Orland, Maine! End of my dock.”

@AdamThompson48, Twitter: “Lake Ambajejus, near Millinocket and Mount Katahdin.”

R Tracy Batteese, Facebook: “Isle au Haut.”

Credit: Robert F. Bukaty | AP

Christopher Michael, Facebook: “Sitting on a dock on Molasses Pond [in Eastbrook] during a meteor shower, while listening to loons and coyotes ‘have a conversation’ in the distance. Absolutely surreal.”

Suzi Carpenter, Facebook: “Verona Island, Maine! Gorgeous!”

@TimRyan65, Twitter: “Thompson Lake in Oxford/Otisfield.”

Ryan John, Facebook: “Rowing to shore after a long day of urchin diving in Lubec, the stars were sometimes bright enough to light the way. With no moisture or pollen in the crisp, winter air, the galaxies and constellations reflected vividly on a calm surface and danced with the bioluminescence upon each stroke of the oars.”

Karen McClure-Richard, Facebook: “The dock at Cathedral Pines Campground in Eustis.”

Sharon Hood, Facebook: “My brother’s backyard in Palmyra.”

Nina Houghton, Facebook: “Little Cranberry Island.”

Glenn Murphy, Facebook: “East Grand Lake in Danforth, Maine. Only place in Maine I’ve ever seen the Northern Lights.”

Susan Walton, Facebook: “On a dock on Webb Lake in Weld. It was spectacular.”

Mark Wheaton, Facebook: “The sky in Patten can be unreal!”

Robert Keipe, Facebook: “My backyard but the location is secret. Bears will get you if you use your flashlight so stay far away.”

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