The House of Representatives in the State House in Augusta. Credit: File | BDN

Republican and Libertarian candidates have joined two Democrats hoping to fill the House District 52 seat vacated last month by Democrat Jennifer DeChant.

Retired U.S. Navy Captain Kenneth Sener will be nominated as the Republican party’s candidate at a caucus Tuesday night, Francis Walker, chairman of the Bath Republicans, said Saturday.

Sener holds an MBA from the University of Texas, according to Walker.

On Thursday, the Libertarian Party of Maine announced that Christopher Hallowell, 23, would be its party’s candidate for the seat.

The Libertarian Party of Maine is considered a probationary level until 5,000 residents are enrolled, according to a release from Hallowell.

Hallowell is a former executive committee secretary of the Libertarian Party of Maine.

Two candidates, Bath City Council Chairwoman Mari Eosco and City Council Vice Chairman Sean Paulhus, announced earlier this month that they would seek the Democratic nomination at that party’s caucus.

DeChant, a four-term Democrat, resigned from the Legislature last month to take a private-sector job.

Republicans and Democrats will each caucus at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, with Republicans at the American Legion on Congress Avenue and Democrats at Bath City Hall Auditorium.

Green Independent Party members in the district also could caucus to pick a nominee, and unenrolled voters could gain a spot on the ballot by submitting nomination papers with signatures of 50 valid voters before the nomination deadline set by the secretary of state.

Residents of Bath will vote to fill the District 52 seat at a special election scheduled for April 2.

Ward Four residents will also vote that day to fill a city council seat held by Bernie Wyman for 25 years until his death late last month.