In this 2016 Maine Public file photo, Lisa Savage of Skowhegan, who said she was in favor of retiring Skowhegan High School's mascot, wears her father's old varsity sweater to demonstrate that the school's mascot wasn't always an Indian. Credit: Susan Sharon | Maine Public

SKOWHEGAN, Maine — The tribal ambassador from the Penobscot Nation is appealing a request to the Skowhegan school district to retire the nickname “Indians” for the district’s high school teams.

Credit: Submitted photo

Maulian Dana delivered the formal appeal Nov. 1 to the Skowhegan-based School Administrative District 54. The Morning Sentinel reports the school board voted to keep the name 11-9 in 2015, arguing sports teams use it to honor heritage and history.

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Dana says board members were respectful when she delivered the request and she was given the opportunity to speak. SAD 54 Superintendent Brent Colbry acknowledged Dana read a letter to the board, but says no action was taken or discussed.