Short-snouted seahorse Credit: Hans Hillewaert | Wikipedia Commons

A Boothbay lobsterman hauled his traps recently and, on two occasions, discovered seahorses, one in traps in Linekin Bay and the other near the Cuckolds, a pair of islets just off the southern tip of Southport Island.

Lobsterman Mark Jones who fishes out of Boothbay, pulled the creatures up within two weeks of each other, according to a release from the Maine State Aquarium in West Boothbay Harbor, published in the Wiscasset Newspaper.

Seahorses, which feature bony armor covered with camouflaged skin and a curled tail, can grow to 14 inches long, the Maine Lobsterman’s Association wrote in 2012, just after seahorses were spotted in Maine traps. Again, all were caught by the same lobsterman, except for one caught in Mackerel Cove, Monique Coombs wrote that December.

They typically live between South Carolina and Cape Cod, but scientists believe that rapidly warming ocean temperatures — particularly in the Gulf of Maine — may be drawing other species north, according to the release from Elaine Jones of the aquarium.

Neither Mark Jones nor Elaine Jones immediately returned calls for comment Tuesday.

The seahorses are on display at the aquarium in Boothbay until it closes for the season Sept. 30. Elaine Jones is searching for winter quarters for them.

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