The daughter of a famous New York City ballet couple has reached a deferred disposition agreement on burglary charges she faced following a string of thefts in Camden last July.

Talicia Martins, 21, and her boyfriend, Jacob Flanagan, 20, both from Manhattan, were arrested last summer and charged with burglarizing three downtown Camden businesses.

Last week, the couple agreed to deals that would result in shortened jail sentences and lesser charges if the pair adheres to the terms of their agreements.

As part of Martins’ deal, two of the burglary charges against her have been dismissed and a third burglary charge would be amended to a lower criminal trespass charge if she complies with the agreement.

Per the agreement, for the next year, Martins must continue substance abuse counseling, refrain from alcohol and drug use, not commit any criminal activity and pay a monthly $25 administrative fee.

If Martins is able to uphold her end of the deal, she will receive a one-year jail sentence with all but 35 days suspended. The 35 days is a cap and her attorney would be able to argue for less time in jail. The jail sentence will be followed by one year of probation.

The conditions of Flanagan’s agreement are the same as Martins’. If after one year he is successful in abiding by the terms of the agreement, he will serve 21 days in jail and two burglary charges against him will be dismissed, along with a third lowered to a criminal trespass charge.

The couple will also be responsible for a joint $4,662 restitution payment. If they do not adhere to the conditions of the deal, there is no agreement and they would face sentencing on the original charges.

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