LINCOLNVILLE, Maine — A Camden man was able to jump out of his truck just before it burst into flames on Saturday night.

Johnny Tofani had been driving on High Street in Lincolnville at about 8:45 p.m. Saturday in his Dodge pickup truck when he noticed the smell of burning plastic and slowed down, he said Monday.

“Then there was a puff of smoke coming out of the dash, then the flames,” he said.

Tofani got out, then called 911, the fire growing bigger as he waited for help to arrive.

“It was pretty terrifying how quickly it got big,” he said. “It was pretty substantial.”

Chief Ben Hazen of the Lincolnville Fire Department said that he lives close to where Tofani pulled over and arrived at the scene within a minute and a half. The rest of the firefighters weren’t far behind, he said, but by the time everyone assembled, it was too late to save the truck.

Hazen said he guesses the fire was caused by some kind of wiring issue, and it, like most vehicle fires, moved fast.

Hazen said that “the windows were starting to blow out” when the firefighters arrived.

The 2001 Dodge truck was destroyed in the blaze, which was extinguished soon after the crews arrived.

No one was hurt in the fire, and the truck was insured, Hazen said.