CARIBOU, Maine — Despite increased police action and efforts by community and counseling agencies, drug and alcohol abuse and the damage they cause remain widespread in Aroostook County.

Aroostook County District Attorney Todd Collins announced earlier this week that the grand jury handed down 39 indictments, with 13 cases directly involving drugs and alcohol. Collins said that many of the remaining cases involved substance abuse or other drug-seeking behavior, such as committing burglary to secure drugs or money to buy them.

Such substance abuse crimes have dominated the grand jury list for most of the past few years.

Collins also noted that 11 of the cases the grand jury reviewed involved violent offenses against other people, the most serious of which were sexual assaults or crimes that involved illegal conduct of a sexual nature.

The indictments included:

Alan J. Pelletier, 32, Fort Kent, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.

Willie N. York, 30, Mapleton, theft, violation of conditions of release.

Jerry D. York, 26, theft, violation of conditions of release.

Leanne R. Lacombe, 27, Mapleton, theft.

Dustin D. Badger, 29, Presque Isle, theft, assault, escape.

Daniel J. Ouellette, 19, Caribou, burglary, two counts of theft , criminal mischief.

Daniel R. Ferranti, 21, Caribou, burglary, two counts of theft, criminal mischief.

Steven A. Selander, 20, Caribou, burglary, two counts of theft, criminal mischief.

Craig L. Perry, 23, Fort Fairfield, domestic violence assault, driving to endanger, violation of conditions of release.

Earl C. McNeal, 54, Gorham, aggravated unlawful furnishing of scheduled drugs.

Ryan J. Plourde, 30, Van Buren, stealing drugs, violation of conditions of release.

Kara M. Bouchard, 24, Madawaska, two counts of sexual abuse of a minor.

Dwane A. Gagnon, 45, Caribou, negotiating a worthless instrument.

Edward J. Ringuette, 36, Sebago Lake, criminal operating under the influence, operating after revocation, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.

Edward K. Peckham, 50, Limestone, theft.

Zachary B. Corriveau, 18, Caribou, burglary, aggravated criminal mischief, theft.

Lawrence A. Noyes, 44, Mars Hill, tampering with a witness, domestic violence terrorizing, violation of a protection order.

Kyle E. Lyford, 23, Presque Isle, theft.

Tiffiney R. Johnson, 26, Presque Isle, assault, criminal threatening, trafficking in dangerous knives, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.

Andrea L. Gardiner, 28, Presque Isle, theft, false public report.

Joseph A. Donnelly, 40, Presque Isle, two counts of criminal threatening, domestic violence assault.

Eric S. Dufresne, 19, Presque Isle, attempted theft, criminal threatening, criminal mischief.

Laurie Engebretson, 35, Fort Kent, trafficking of scheduled drugs.

Steven C. Cray, 27, Connor, operating under the influence, operating after revocation.

Reginald Dube, 52, Grand Isle, two counts of gross sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact, furnishing liquor to a minor.

Robert C. Wright III, 28, Houlton, two counts of theft.

Joshua W. Nason, 28, Houlton, two counts of burglary, three counts of theft.

Scott R. Totten, 26, domestic violence assault with priors, criminal mischief, violation of bail.

Jeremiah Sico, 31, Oakfield, domestic violence assault, aggravated criminal mischief.

Joshua J. Branscombe, 21, Oakfield, reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence assault, terrorizing with a dangerous weapon.

Trevor A. Robichaud, 36, Mars Hill, two counts of possession of scheduled drugs, failure to sign uniform summons and complaint.

Jamison M. Rocheleau, 38, Houlton, tampering with a witness, telephone harassment.

James W. McCordic Jr., 45, Ludlow, unlawful trafficking of methamphetamine, criminal forfeiture.

Dallas R. Tidd, 43, Houlton, three counts of unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, stealing drugs.

Gregory A. Tidd, 47, Houlton, aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs.

Adam E. Anderson, 23, Houlton, two counts of theft with priors, operating a defective motor vehicle.

Laura C. Doughty, 25, Island Falls, stealing drugs, violation of bail.

Gary M. Norris, 23, Kingwood, Texas, trafficking in schedule Z drugs.