Roughly 50 to 60 people stood outside U.S. Department of Homeland Security buildings on Gannett Drive in South Portland Friday to protest the detention camps and the Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy at the U.S. and Mexico border. Read More

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If you were to make a list of the top 10 headlines of the 20th century, “man walks on moon” would undoubtedly be on it. The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission landing on the surface of the moon is Saturday. Along with just about every other newspaper in… Read More
The Fickenschers were the first to try to sneak a badger by the front desk people. NOOooooooooo, I’m kidding. Noira, who is still trying to pronouce Fickenschers without growling, appears to be not all that impressed with the Duck of Justice. We get it. We want to thank Henry and… Read More