I have constantly (and unintentionally) discovered countless ways to screw up perfectly good deer hunts. I’m not so happy to announce, I have stumbled onto yet another way to scare off all the deer in the forest. Read More

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The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife wants to hear from you about their new management plan for furbearers including fox, raccoon, beaver, and lots more, including skunks. Here’s what this is all about: The meetings and online forum are part of a larger study designed to assess priorities for… Read More
Given the gravity of what he was about to do, Gordon Sondland seemed oddly relaxed. The ambassador’s lawyer sat at his right elbow, picking at his cuticles and staring straight ahead. But Sondland smiled at the cameras, looked curiously around the room, gave a friendly nod to the chairman and… Read More
An American soldier from Caribou, who fought in World War I and managed to return home to The County, will have his legacy honored at the Caribou VFW. Eugene Goodwin, born 1890 and lived on the corner of Collins and Prospect Street in Caribou, returned home after spending most of… Read More