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Omar, 4, Anas, 7, and Eyad Raslan, 6, resettled with their parents to Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, this summer. They came through a program of the Canadian government that allows private citizens to sponsor refugees.

Immigrants built rural Maine. Canada shows how they could do so again

“It’s a lot harder to hate people once you meet them.”
Norma, 77 years old, makes her bed in what used to be a closet at the Maine Correctional Center where photographer Jessica Earnshaw spent several days shadowing Maine's oldest female inmate as part of the Aging in Prison photo documentary project.

New York photographer points lens at aging Maine inmates

“Everybody I talked to was like anyone I would meet on the outside.”

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Woman smoking on oxygen escapes Skowhegan fire

“The woman was able to escape the mobile home and was found outside near her car.”

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The Point

Students march on downtown Los Angeles after walking out of class on Nov. 14, 2016. Demonstrators demanded local politicians to declare Los Angeles County a sanctuary.
The Point

Will small ‘sanctuary cities’ defy a Trump crackdown?

Smaller cities that ignore requests from federal authorities to detain undocumented immigrants, but don’t see themselves as sanctuaries, may find themselves vulnerable to threats to withhold federal money from them if they do not cooperate.

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