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Maine and what to make of it

Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017: Meet with constituents, protect the arts, Sen. Warren’s speech

Americans distrust media, but they distrust President Trump more

The Founding Fathers put free speech and press in the First Amendment. They believed it was that important.

Action, not more study, needed to tackle addiction crisis

With Mainers dying at the alarming rate of essentially one per day from drug overdoses, a legislative task force to assess the problem and offer solutions sounds like too little, too late. Lawmakers can ensure this isn’t the case by fast tracking and removing impediments from what is known to work, such as medication-assisted treatment.
Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017: Meet with constituents, protect the arts, Sen. Warren’s speech

Thanks mostly to LePage, Maine has a record $1 billion in the bank

An improving economy and rigid fiscal discipline under Republican Gov. Paul LePage have contributed to an all-time record for Maine state government: more than $1 billion in its cash pool.

How small town America can get back on track

Hundreds and hundreds of incremental improvements. That’s what will get small-town America back on track, not yearning for the past or blaming foreigners.

Why Africa suffers from famine

Africa is a global outlier, and there must be some common factor beyond mere politics that makes it the global capital for wars and famines.

Key lawmaker questions Senate Russia probe after Trump contacts

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat warned the panel’s chairman over reports that the Republican worked with the White House to try to suppress negative stories about Russian interference in last year’s elections, calling it a threat to the integrity of the top congressional probe into the issue.

Trump and the ‘Madman Theory’

The experience of the first month suggests that, with prudence and luck, it can yield the occasional benefit — that the combination of radical rhetoric and conventional policy may induce better behavior both in friend and foe.

Without Obamacare, my daughter wouldn’t be able to hear my own voice

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, we’ll lose our health insurance coverage, plain and simple. Olive will lose her speech therapy and her hearing aids, and she won’t be able to hear or learn how to speak. That is unimaginable, heartbreaking and unconscionable.

If abortion rights fall, LGBT rights are next

What is at stake is more than LGBT rights or abortion rights. It’s our right under the Constitution to decide who we are and to make the most intimate and personal decisions in our life without government interference — and to do so with dignity.
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