The Point

Maine and what to make of it

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017: Obamacare repeal will ruin lives, Mayhew doesn’t promote health, marijuana irony

What rural Maine can learn from Iowa’s efforts to draw new people

Years of hard times have led Iowans to discover new industries and new approaches.

Maine lawmakers take another stab at changing state’s time zone

Sponsors say the move, which would land Maine into a time zone shared by Nova Scotia and Puerto Rico, would provide increased economic opportunities and less energy consumption in addition to offering more daylight in the afternoon and evening.

Executive actions ready to go as Trump prepares to take office

Donald Trump is preparing to sign executive actions on his first day in the White House on Friday to take the opening steps to crack down on immigration, build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and roll back outgoing President Barack Obama’s policies.
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