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A happy birthday hunt pays off on Maine moose hunt opening day

Monday marked the opening day of the first session of this year’s moose hunt in Maine, with 72 bull permits allocated in eight Wildlife Management Districts in the northern part of the state.
Craig Dickstein, a trail maintainer for the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, tears down the old outhouse along the AT at the base of Pleasant Pond Mountain as part of a privy replacement project. The plan to replace all 42 privies that the MATC maintains along the AT in Maine, began in 2013. The old pit-style privies are being replaced with new, more sustainable and environmentally friendly privies.

A privy problem: Maine group races to replace outhouses on Appalachian Trail

Outhouses on Appalachian Trail are filling up and falling apart.
Spectators watch as moose are brought to the Ashland tagging station on the first day of the 2015 Maine moose hunting season.

Moose on the loose: Hunters to kick off season in Maine

Bright and early Monday morning, this year’s first group of moose hunters will head into the woods hoping for the best.

No moose permit? You can still have moose season fun

Bright and early Monday morning, 720 lucky moose hunters — along with assorted relatives and friends — will head into the woods of northern Maine …
White-crowned sparrows look and act much like our white-throated sparrows, but the striped crown is more distinctly black and white. An individual under the bird feeder is not a big surprise this time of year, and sometimes there are small flocks traveling together.

Unusual bird species pop up in autumn

Good Birding: What is that lurking under your bird feeder? All summer, nothing strange happens out in the backyard. Suddenly, when autumn arrives, so do some unusual birds.

USF&W Director issues provocative call to action

A provocative call-to-action by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe is getting a lot of attention across the nation. First delivered at this …
Christina Marts, a National Park Service community planner, briefs the crowd during a park service listening session on Tuesday at Medway Middle School.

North Woods monument ‘an educational opportunity’ for children, residents say

“I think we can develop some businesses around it in Medway, East Millinocket and Millinocket, and I think we can do it together.”
A sign is posted where the Appalachian Trail crosses a woods road on April 3, 2015, near the town of Monson.

Karl Meltzer unseats Scott Jurek as fastest supported AT hiker

Setting out each morning with his pockets full of bacon and finishing each evening with a few beers, ultra-marathoner Karl Meltzer ran his 45-day race from Maine to Georgia his own way.
Bryan Courtois (left) crosses a stream in this undated photo.

How to safely cross a stream

When hiking in Maine you need to be prepared to cross streams even if the guide book says there is a bridge.

There’s a lot more going on in Maine’s forests than you know about

               The Pine Tree Camp on North Pond in Rome hosted a fantastic SWOAM/Maine Tree Farm Forestry Field Day …

1-minute hike: Harriman Point Preserve in Brooklin

Difficulty: Easy. The preserve is home to about 1.5 miles of trails that travel through forests and old fields. A little less than a mile …
Two ATVs disappear down Half Township Road in Lincoln. Millinocket volunteers hope to forge the first connection between the networked ATV trails of southern and northern Maine.

Volunteers eyeing 3,000-acre site for state’s first ATV-snowmobile park

One problem — it’s a dump.

Have a hunting tale to tell? Send us your photos and story

It’s that time of year again: Hunters are out and about. And when they return, some skilled or lucky hunters will have tales to tell …

Don’t miss this amazing exhibit of taxidermy and guns

You’ll have a hard time moving beyond the astonishing antlers of an Irish elk, an animal that has been extinct for 11,000 years. The huge …