As snow melts and the ground thaws throughout April and May, gravel roads and trails throughout Maine turn into a sloppy mess, a combination of mud, slush, potholes and puddles. Welcome to Maine’s infamous mud season, those few weeks each spring that tries our patience and tests our… Read More
    Difficulty: Easy to moderate. The trail system is made up of about 2.4 miles of trails, some of which follow an old, overgrown road. Near the water, the trails become more narrow but are well maintained and marked. How to get there: If driving from the… Read More

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Unity College celebrates Earth Week by giving community members tools and tips to help the planet UNITY — These days, there are all sorts of “hacks” out there to make life a little easier. From waterproofing your canvas shoes to creating a phone speaker out of a… Read More
Have you ever heard of a vernal pool? They provide an amazing temporary habitat for animals like frogs and salamanders – and we have one right here on campus! Come learn all about the animals that live there, and why vernal pools are so important. But you… Read More
    Let’s kick off the season together with drink specials as we sail along the Damariscotta River and the famous oyster farms. Curious seals and other wildlife awaits. Bring your friends and let’s party while we can still park. Tickets are only $20 for Mainers and local employees. All… Read More