Ever since I started solo hiking in college, my family and friends have expressed their worries that something terrible will befall me while out in the woods. I’ve been asked about the danger of wild animals and the risk of breaking a leg, but the most common cause… Read More
In one of our area’s rites of (almost) spring, crowds of outdoor enthusiasts mingled with exhibitors over the weekend at the Cabin Fever Reliever, an outdoor show organized by the Penobscot Fly Fishers. Olivia Argleben, 6 1/2, of Eddington, ties a maple syrup fly at… Read More
    Because this is an opinion piece, and because I’m not even making an attempt to be nice, or politically correct, or unbiased, or even friendly, I’ll say this just once, in a way that might (finally) make a difference. The arrow shows where a snowmobile… Read More

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(The Virtual Angler has been in hibernation but has been roused from his slumber by the distant sound of bat striking ball and the unmistakable scent of Spring in the air.) The day after the shock of Super Bowl LII plunged Patriot Nation into a darkness… Read More
BANGOR — Downtown Bangor Earth Day Festival, put on by University of Maine’s Office of Sustainability, University of Maine at Augusta-Bangor’s Office of Student Life, Transportation for All, and the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, will be held as part of Earth Week, noon-2 p.m. Saturday, April… Read More