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Debra Heintz, an inmate at the Washington Corrections Center for Women, talks recently during an &quotIf Project" session about prison and the things she's missing. The project asks questions of inmates and former inmates, then carries the heartfelt responses to at-risk youth.

How Maine can shut the revolving door of incarceration for young adult offenders

The Maine Department of Corrections is pioneering a new incarceration approach for young adult offenders. Launched April 2 at Mountain View Youth Development Center in …
Jack Robinett, a four-year-old student at the Lookout Mountain Preschool, eats a fruit kabob with his mother Molly at a healthy school party for mother's day in Golden, Colorado. in this May 10, 2012 file photo.

In adopting universal pre-K, Maine could take a hint from World War II’s nursery schools

Momentum is building toward providing universal pre-kindergarten for children throughout the United States. President Obama again emphasized his support for expanding early childhood education in …
Tire tracks mar a pothole developing on North High Street near its intersection with Hammond Street in Bangor.

Close encounters of the crater kind: Can you sue a pothole?

I was 10 years old when I first saw the science fiction film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” directed by Steven Spielberg. I even …
Rebecca Wyke

In defense of Rebecca Wyke’s $40,000 raise

Does it look bad to give the University of Maine System’s vice chancellor for administration and finance a $40,000 raise at a time when the …

Cape Elizabeth bans tobacco products at Fort Williams, ignores the real problems

The Cape Elizabeth Town Council voted 6-1 Monday night to ban smoking and tobacco products from Fort Williams Park, the site of the iconic Portland …

Maine needs transparency so residents can shop for lowest-cost, highest-quality health care

As a nation of seasoned shoppers, we have honed our skills at yard sales, in bargain basements and over the backyard fence. It makes common …
A model looks at a photo in her cellphone backstage at the Plataforma K Fashion show in Barranquilla March 7, 2013.

Going haywire in a cloud

I missed my brother’s anniversary last week. But I have a very 21st-century excuse: I lost it in the cloud. I discovered this the next …
Gary Gonyar, principal of William S. Cohen School in Bangor, pictured in March, discusses his school’s upcoming transition to a new standardized test.

Teachers’ union call for standardized test moratorium is ill-timed, ill-conceived

The union that represents most of Maine’s 15,000 public school teachers is tempering its support for the Common Core state standards that Maine schools have …

How photos on EBT cards can prevent more than just welfare fraud

Although 34 states have laws on the books requiring voters to show identification to vote, Maine requires no identification at the polls. We need ID …

Maine People’s Alliance’s twisted view of Maine voters

The Maine People’s Alliance is truly showing itself to be a deplorable machine geared on constant negativity. It’s deceptive name would lead people to believe …

What should Maine do to draw more people here?

Fluid Imaging Technologies, which manufactures a first-of-its-kind imaging particle analyzer, has been growing — and fast. In addition to attracting lots of capital, it has …
Nick Smith of Dover-Foxcroft, a medical student at Boston University, and his father, John Smith, a physician assistant.

Why Vivek Murthy should be surgeon general — and why it matters to Maine

It wasn’t until this year, as a second-year medical student apprenticing with a primary care physician, that I finally understood why my father repeatedly emphasized …
Ukrainian soldiers drive an airborne combat vehicle near Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine April 16, 2014. Ukrainian forces tightened their grip on the eastern town of Kramatorsk on Wednesday after securing control over an airfield from pro-Russian separatist militiamen, prompting Russian President Vladimir Putin to warn of the risk of civil war.

Why Putin may stand down

Contrary to appearances, the crisis in Ukraine might be on the verge of resolution. The potentially crucial move came this week when interim President Oleksandr …

Hormone-disrupting chemicals are a must for Maine DEP’s spring cleaning to-do list

The season’s bright blue skies, sunshine, snowdrops, crocuses and longer days inspire us to tackle lots of dirty projects mounting around our homes, yards and …
Eliot Cutler

Eliot Cutler offers good ideas to lower property tax. Is he the candidate who can implement them?

Which tax bill this year will likely force you to shell out the most money? It’s probably the property tax bill that arrives from your …
Michael Rocque

Were you mature at 18? Jails get it wrong by treating young adults as real adults

The notion that certain things are “set in stone” and unchanging is a popular one in the U.S. “People do not change” is a widespread …

Danby Ink

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