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Teachers are the key to student success. Question 2 gives them the resources they need.

It is about giving every child a chance to succeed regardless of where they live.
Irene MacDougall (left) hands a ballot to a voter as Laurie Gifford sits next to her on Thursday at Lewiston City Hall.

No zombies cast ballots in our elections: Maine elections are legitimate

Questioning the integrity of elections in Maine and at the national level does a serious disservice to the citizens of our democracy.
Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looks at Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump as he speaks during the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner in New York, Oct. 20, 2016.

Why I won’t for Clinton — or Trump

The only question is whose name I’m going to write in. With Albert Schweitzer doubly unavailable (noncitizen, dead), I’m down to Paul Ryan or Ben Sasse. Two weeks to decide.
The LePage administration has quietly dissolved the Healthy Maine Partnerships -- 27 small, regional coalitions that have been responsible for promoting public health in local areas for the past decade and a half.

LePage should explain decision to dissolve public health groups

Editorial: If the state of Maine has a plan to prevent more Mainers from using tobacco, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and contracting chronic diseases, it’s largely keeping it a secret.
Small bouquets in mason jars each with the name of someone who died due to domestic violence in 2013. There were six bouquets.

Domestic abuse is far too common in Maine. Everyone can play a role in keeping victims safe.

Domestic violence affects thousands of Maine families every year.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shakes hands with Maine Gov. Paul LePage at a campaign rally in Portland in March.

Accept the election results, Donald. Voter fraud is almost entirely mythical

The fact is voter fraud is exceedingly rare.

A precious window of hope for our political future

OpEd: Ranked-choice voting is by far the most sensible way to filter through these multicandidate dynamics, particularly when compared with the way we select our leaders now.

The fine print on Maine’s minimum wage question matters to you

Eliminating tipped wages is a massive cultural change. It shouldn’t be done in an up-or-down, “oh, by the way” vote.
Alex Steed

This year should prove that we can’t rely on how we feel

To many, facts don’t matter; feelings do.
Democrat Emily Cain and 2nd Congressional District Rep. Bruce Poliquin, a Republican, participated in a debate in Presque Isle on Wednesday.

Cain’s pragmatism, openness would better serve Maine’s 2nd District in Congress

Editorial: The Nov. 8 vote in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District is a referendum on the performance of Rep. Bruce Poliquin in his first term in Congress. Voters have to decide whether he should be re-elected. We believe Democrat Emily Cain deserves to replace him.

A higher minimum wage will help Maine’s elderly. A third of working seniors will get a raise.

OpEd: We cannot ignore the fact that thousands of Maine’s seniors cannot afford to retire at age 65 and have become a fast-growing part of our low-wage labor force.
 Pat Kimball is the former executive director of Wellspring.

I’ve seen how nonjudgmental adults can reach kids

Most of my day was spent in my office located in the high school, and I can testify it was never empty or silent. What I discovered was that it was the only safe place in the building for many students who had no place they felt welcome.
1st District Rep. Chellie Pingree

Pingree deserves to return to D.C., put her influence to good use for Maine

Editorial: Chellie Pingree has put her influence to good use in recent years as a member of the minority party in a challenging political environment. She deserves to return to Washington, D.C., where she will continue to ably represent Maine’s 1st District.

It’s Time To Connect Rural America


Anyone can be a hero in the fight against addiction

There are so many ways to intervene, so many ways any one of us can be a community leader — some child’s hero — someone who singlehandedly interrupts the growth of the epidemic.
A marijuana plant is seen at a grow facility for medical marijuana in Hermon. Question 1 on the November ballot would legalize the possession of 2.5 ounces of recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21 and create a regulatory framework for a marijuana industry.

Marijuana legalization is a long overdue reform for Maine

OpEd: A “yes” vote will transfer marijuana from an underground market into a legal economy that will test their products for safety and potency, ID their customers, comply with state regulations and pay taxes.

Danby Ink

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