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Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) dives for a first down against the Cincinnati Bengals in the second half at Paul Brown Stadium on Dec. 29, 2013.

No excuse for NFL leniency in Ray Rice domestic violence case

Football fans have good reason to be angry with the NFL. On May 1, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was indicted on a charge …
U.S. Senate candidate Shenna Bellows spoke in front of Paul Bunyan during her campaign stop in Bangor on Tuesday as part of her campaign trek across Maine.

Shenna Bellows and shoe leather: an underdog’s all-out campaign

A well-orchestrated, well-publicized 350-mile walk across Maine certainly creates a buzz around a candidate who is the clear underdog in this fall’s U.S. Senate race. …
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gestures at the start of a Middle East crisis meeting at the Quai d'Orsay in Paris, July 26, 2014.

John Kerry’s lesson in humility

John Kerry put his right hand on his heart: “This is not about me,” he said. The secretary of state was reacting to the torrent …
Christie Hager, New England regional director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, discusses the launch of health insurance marketplaces as part of President Barack Obama's signature health care reform law in Portland in this October 2013 file photo.

The legacy of Medicaid, Medicare: Dignity and security for vulnerable families

In 1965, almost half of America’s seniors had no health insurance. For the men and women who survived World War I, World War II and …
In this August 2013 file photo, Brendan Emanuel from the University of New England looks in on the nest built inside of a birdhouse placed on the perimeter of a school soccer field. Emanuel was part of a team seeking to inventory and control mosquito populations at the Biddeford campus.

How Maine towns can prepare for West Nile, eastern equine encephalitis

With mosquitoes out and about during the summer, it’s important for towns to be ready for what sometimes comes with them: infectious diseases. Here are …
It was standing room only in the Beals town office for a meeting between island residents and a Postal Service official who discussed plans to reduce hours at the post office on July 22, 2014.

Lewiston, Auburn and finding ideal efficiency

Efficiency, efficiency. Sometimes, it becomes a mantra for people running for office and seeking to streamline government services. It makes sense, right? Consolidate the municipal …

Maine is too smoggy in the summer: It’s time to limit power plants’ carbon emissions

I have worked as a doctor in the Bangor area for most of the past 33 years, and I have been a serious and a …
Rep. Archie Verow, D-Brewer, at an April 9 press event at the State House regarding offshore tax havens.

Democrats want to ban government contracts for companies that leave the US to avoid taxes

Lawmakers are growing tired of corporate America’s persistent efforts to dodge U.S. taxes. In the past month, Congress and the White House have denounced a …
Voters arrive at the Cross Insurance Center in this June 2013 file photo.

Financial security, aging with independence central to winning older Maine voters

AARP Maine recently released the results of the 2014 Survey of Maine Registered Voters Age 50 and Older. This survey collected the opinions of 2,000 …

A role for the community in preventing domestic violence

Once again we hear of a domestic violence homicide. This time, a Saco man shot and killed his wife and three children, and then killed …
Occupy Wall Street protesters take part in activities organized by the movement at Foley Square, Lower Manhattan in New York, September 16, 2012.

Me Inc. offers plenty of dividends

“Checked the tax code,” wrote a friend who’s engaged to a woman from a low-tax country. “Unfortunately, marrying [my fiancee] does not entitle me to …
Sarah Palin

How Sarah Palin could change the media, and why she won’t

I do not care very much about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s waning influence on American political life. But I confess a fascination with Palin …

Why clean elections offer a democratic alternative to our dangerous politics

Recent Supreme Court decisions, such as Citizens United and McCutcheon, make it imperative that we limit the ability of the wealthiest citizens and large corporations …

College cost isn’t the big problem for poor students

To judge by this summer’s banner policy proposals, the most important question for higher-education reform right now is giving students easier access to loans. But …

Two myths about older adults and addiction — and why Maine should care

Substance abuse is a major public health concern in Maine and the United States, affecting more than 23 million people nationwide and 80,091 in the …

LePage’s bottom-of-the-pack economy offers little to brag about

Mainers everywhere are talking about the economy. Whether at a coffee shop or a party, nearly everyone has something to say about the state of …

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