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Sam Portera and Brandon Hosford, both alumni of the Upward Bound college readiness program, prepare packages of letters from program alumni and their parents destined to U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The Department of Education declined to consider the University of Maine Presque Isle's renewal grant application due to a formatting error, but supporters and Maine's congressional delegation are hoping to convince the agency to reconsider.

Formatting error shouldn’t jeopardize college education for low-income students

Vindictive. That’s the only way to describe an absurd Department of Education decision to reject dozens of schools’ Upward Bound funding applications because of small formatting errors.
An Atlantic salmon is seen at the Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery in East Orland.

Trump’s budget guts this program critical to the success of Maine’s coastal communities

Increasingly, our world, and indeed Maine, is driven by global technology, market forces, private interests and environmental consequences. Having programs that are able to navigate through these complexities, as exemplified by Sea Grant, is critical for the success of our communities and Maine’s way of life.

Good health is good for the economy. It’s time for Maine to expand Medicaid.

Medicaid expansion would be an opportunity to provide affordable health care for nearly 70,000 Mainers, including 3,000 veterans and many others who work low-wage jobs who aren’t offered coverage or who can’t afford it.
Medication-assisted treatment, such as methadone therapy, is effective and saves money and reduces crime, studies have shown.

Here’s the economic case for supporting addiction treatment

Talking tough about drugs and addiction may sound good, but it is less effective than devoting resources to treatment.
In Maine, alcohol is the most misused substance. The primary care office is an ideal place to talk about alcohol use and prevent it from becoming unsafe.

It’s time for physicians to ask patients about their drinking

In Maine, alcohol is the most misused substance.

LePage tries to steal your land

Not content with taking food away from hungry kids or health care away from the sick and the elderly, Gov. Paul LePage has now set his sights on taking public lands away from everyone.

I am a restaurant server, and I don’t need anyone to save me

If the tip credit is not reinstated, minimum wage is all servers will make, and $12 per hour won’t work for me and my family. I will not continue working as a server.

More money for Maine schools won’t fix a broken system

The Lincoln Paper and Tissue mill, as seen from the town cemetery.

Why Maine should stop ignoring the growing number of men missing from work

It’s no secret that Maine is short on workers. But there’s a reserve of potential workers that few people talk or even know about.

To fix Maine’s roads and bridges, we all need to have equal stakes in the outcome

We don’t drive on Democratic roads or Republican roads — we drive on Maine roads. Solving this problem is too important to let partisanship or narrow interests get in the way.
Inmates are seen at Solano State Prison in Vacaville, California, on March 29, 2017.

The age of mass incarceration may actually be abating

OpEd: Among the many shameful legacies of racial discrimination and segregation in the United States is the fact that African-Americans make up a disproportionate share of both those who are victims of violent crimes and those who are incarcerated for committing them.
The snow-capped Henry Mountains rise from the Colorado Plateau with the canyons of Lake Powell in the foreground, in southern Utah on March 7, 2017. This is one of the views from the new Bears Ears National Monument, a 1.35-million-acre monument that President Barack Obama created shortly before leaving office.

It’s time to undo the federal land grab of Bears Ears

If you’ve never heard of Bears Ears, you will. If you don’t care, you should.

Fighting the scourge of the social isolation of seniors

Older adults residing in small towns and rural communities may be especially vulnerable to the dangers of isolated living.
A young man looks out a cell window while serving a sentence for burglary in Waldo County.

We’re jailing way more people who’ve been convicted of exactly nothing

Jails are now overflowing with people who are awaiting trial. These individuals, who may be innocent, account for 95 percent of the growth in the jail population over the past 15 years.
Alba Albisurez hugs her baby, who was born at 7 months, during the &quotKangaroo Mothers" program in the maternity ward of the Roosevelt hospital in Guatemala City October 29, 2012. The 19-day program, known as &quotMadres Canguro", is a method where mothers are trained to breastfeed and hold their premature babies near their chest as the body-to-body contact reduces infant mortality in preterm infants.

Lawmakers are on the right track to understanding Maine’s growing number of infant deaths

The Maine Legislature can prove its worth and make a couple simple changes to ensure the panel can do its important work.

Three good signs the Maine GOP is returning to its pro-business roots

Danby Ink

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