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Maine leaves more welfare money unspent as more children fall into poverty

There’s little indication Maine’s poorest are receiving meaningful assistance that can help them escape poverty.

Don’t waver on public health: Bangor should ban smoking in all city-owned public spaces

Editorial: A complete ban would be easier to understand and enforce. Best of all, it would bring the most health benefits to bear. In order to be most effective, the ban should cover all tobacco use.

From party platforms to a flag at half-staff, do symbols mean anything?

We have spent more than half of the month to date with the American flag at half-staff. Is the symbol losing its meaning, both from overuse and inconsistency?
Minneapolis Police process arrests of protesters during a Black Lives Matter Minnesota march with members of the American Teachers Federation, Minneapolis teachers union and St. Paul teachers union in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 19, 2016.

White people think racism is getting worse — against white people

OpEd: Black and white Americans may agree that race relations are approaching a new nadir, but this is just about the only race-related issue on which they see eye to eye.

Justice Ginsburg is right: Donald Trump is a faker, inconsistent, and people are buying it

OpEd: His ideas are not only vacuous, they’re dangerous.

Is Trump getting a negative bounce from the GOP convention?

The Republican National Convention has been tough for Donald Trump. Coverage of the first day focused on plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech. Coverage of the …
A stream crossing on the proposed national monument land in Township 5 Range 7, June 1, 2016.

The land east of Baxter is special and worthy of a national monument

OpEd: There are several reasons the land is worthy of national monument designation.
An Air France flight was diverted to Bangor in May 2005 because someone on the flight had the same name as a person on the federal no-fly list.

Protecting the homeland doesn’t have to mean quashing constitutional rights

Editorial: The no-fly and other watch lists play an important role in preventing terrorist attacks. But the federal can do that work while abiding by the constitutional protections granted to all Americans.

When it’s time to protest — and when it isn’t

Portland is lucky to have an open-minded, accessible and progressive police chief and a police force that upholds, and is held to, exceptionally high standards.

Our political parties are based more and more on absurd tribalism

At the end of the day, the partisan food fight is more tribal in nature and less about substance.

LePage is making it nearly impossible for me to treat substance use disorders

OpEd: It is bitterly ironic to me that at a time of increasing public recognition and concern about our opioid epidemic that I, as a provider, am getting institutional opposition, not support, from DHHS.
Official logo of Skowhegan High School featuring Indian figure

Skowhegan schools keep ‘Indians’ mascot and stand for what they should oppose

OpEd: Citizens across Maine should contact local and state education board officials to ask that they promote a safe, supportive and equal environment in Maine schools by removing the Indians mascot.
Delegates wave signs during the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday.

GOP ignores its own warnings. With new platform, it becomes ‘increasingly out of touch’

The party’s soul searching after the the 2012 election offered an opportunity for it to move forward. It is unfortunate that the party, through its 2016 platform, chose instead to move backward.

Trump stumbles into the nomination for president

The normal rules of politics would suggest that Trump is doomed but the rules of politics don’t seem to apply this campaign.

Authoritarianism and fear at the Trumpian GOP convention

Has there ever been a scarier, more authoritarian vision of politics than the one shown at the Republican convention in Cleveland? If so, I can’t …
California delegates Kim Dalbow-Vann (from left), Julie LaGrande and Shari Clark cheer as pro-Trump delegates chant &quotUSA, USA" to drown out shouts by anti-Trump delegates who were calling for a roll call vote on a rules measure at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday, July 18.

The GOP’s despicable first night of the Republican National Convention

The first night of the 2016 Republican National Convention was purportedly about national security. In fact, it was about portraying liberalism as an ideology of national betrayal.

Danby Ink

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