One Life Project


The night you create solutions to end Maine’s opiate epidemic

With U.S. Sen. Angus King

& U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin

The public is encouraged to attend the One Life Project where they will come together to answer questions about how to address addiction in Maine.

The event will be modeled on the World Cafe Method, which aims to facilitate dialogue among a large group of people. By the end of the evening, participants will have created a list of concrete steps to help slow the number of people who are dying.

The event is inspired by Garrett Brown, a young man from the state’s capital, who let the Bangor Daily News chronicle his life for two-and-a-half years. He died in November 2015 after overdosing on heroin. He let the public see his struggles because, as he said:

“If this changes one kid’s life, saves one kid from being in jail, saves his family the pain of seeing him go through it, saves one kid from overdosing and dying, then all that I’ve done hasn’t been in vain.”

With our one life, let’s each help another.

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The questions:

Here are the questions people will answer in small groups at the event. You’re welcome to start providing answers now:

1. How would you change attitudes toward addiction?

2. How would you get more people into all types of addiction treatment?

3. How would you improve access to methadone and counseling in particular?

4. How can the criminal justice system help stop the cycle of drug addiction and arrest?

5. How can Maine help young people before they develop an addiction?

The inspiration:

Read Garrett Brown’s story here: