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Perhaps the best kept whitewater secret in coastal Maine is a three mile stretch of the Cathance River in my hometown of Topsham. Located in the northeastern, rural part of town, it is a Class II through V creek run that consists of four rapids followed by four… Read More
    Photo by Geralt. Courtesy of Although Santa is long past the traditional retirement age, he is still going strong. Every year he supervises the production and distribution of toys to good little girls and boys across the planet. Is his job stressful?… Read More
    SACO — Age Friendly Saco is launching their Handyman Program throughout Saco in an effort to help residents ages 55 and older better adapt to aging in their community. Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution (SBSI) recently donated $4,000 to help fund this new program. A recent survey… Read More
    Maine has some great whitewater. Besides the well-known dam release rafting rivers like the Kennebec, Dead and Penobscot, there are dozens of excellent free flowing whitewater streams and rivers. Under normal circumstances, the best time to paddle whitewater is in the spring when April showers and snowmelt combine… Read More
    Neither an ornithologist nor a bird watcher, I might qualify as a lowly tenderfoot birdie peeper. Observing large colorful birds like pileated woodpeckers or beautiful toucans that were prevalent during my visit to Costa Rica is very entertaining. Eagles and ospreys always get my attention. Conversely, my favorite… Read More
    Several factors make Little Suncook River in New Hampshire unique. A short, very narrow, initially intense whitewater run, it has Class III & IV rapids, a navigable dam and is frequently pockmarked with strainers. All of this excitement in three brief miles, much of which can be observed… Read More
    Loss comes in many forms. Yet, it can be an incredible teacher. It all depends on your point of view. Read More
    Is there a better way for outdoor enthusiasts to spend four days than mountain hiking on a range of magnificent summits, sea kayaking along perhaps the most spectacular section of the Maine coast and biking a network of scenic, off-road trails that weave through mountains and around secluded… Read More
    Type A personalities often find retirement difficult to deal with. Especially if positive strokes for good performance are how they create self-esteem. Read More
    Each October the State of New Hampshire draws down Lake Horace, providing an excellent Class III/IV creek-like whitewater run on the North Branch of the Piscataquog River. Located in Weare a little west of Concord, the release attracts whitewater boaters from around New England. For several… Read More
    Call me quixotic but I like surf and turf outdoor adventures. What’s a surf and turf? My definition is a sea kayak or canoe trip blended in with a mountain hike. While this may seem bizarre to the uninitiated, it’s an excellent way to combine three popular outdoor… Read More
    For two days each September, the Army Corps of Engineers releases water from Ball Mountain Dam on the West River in Jamaica, Vermont. An event that attracts many Mainers, the scheduled releases provide an excellent opportunity for paddlers to experience some outstanding late season whitewater boating. The releases… Read More
    For many years, the West River Whitewater Festival in Jamaica, Vermont has been a destination of choice for Maine paddlers in late September. Each fall, the Army Corps of Engineers releases water from the Ball Mountain Dam for recreational paddling on the West River in southeastern Vermont. My… Read More