The modern day nomadic lifestyle hit a roadblock in Maine this past summer when municipalities were notified by the Maine Secretary of State that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles would no longer register, assign vehicle identification numbers to or title tiny homes on wheels. Read More
“Don’t play like a girl,” a little girl on the soccer team I coach said to another this weekend. We were mid-game, standing on the sidelines, talking about a play my daughter, Paige, 8, just made as goalie. She’d caught the ball — the first… Read More
    I dutifully spread spent coffee grounds in the five pots outside my backdoor all summer. The grounds, I’d read, would aid with the plant’s growth by releasing nitrogen and other minerals into the soil. My few plants — four sungold tomatoes, a pepper… Read More

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BIDDEFORD — Learn how to put the power of the sun to work for you! Join Dana, Paula, and ReVision Energy for a tour of their solar-powered home, complete with heat pumps and a heat pump water heater, and learn how you too can make the transition to… Read More