It’s a very small house, just 320 square feet, not including the sleeping loft. There is no television, the toilet is composting, and he pumps water from his well by hand. “An outsider might think this is old-fashioned living. But I think it’s pretty creative, really.” Read More
When you’re someone who rises near 5 a.m. many mornings, you notice the changing of the days. They’re getting shorter, as they do after the summer solstice. We’re now approaching the time of year when the darkness seems to invade our waking hours more and… Read More
    Perhaps radishes are hearty enough for mediocre gardeners like myself. Perhaps my kids and I just got lucky. But whatever it was, a special moment occurred late last week when we dropped by the community garden to check on our plot. googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot… Read More

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    LIVERMORE — Special programming continues at the Norlands Living History Center on Thursday, August 22 when “Elizabeth S. Kingman Horr” (1835-1920), a 19th-century doctor, visits the site at 2 p.m,, at 290 Norlands Road. Visitors can meet Elizabeth Horr who is portrayed by Tizz Crowley, a Norlands’ volunteer. Elizabeth… Read More