It’s a very small house, just 320 square feet, not including the sleeping loft. There is no television, the toilet is composting, and he pumps water from his well by hand. “An outsider might think this is old-fashioned living. But I think it’s pretty creative, really.” Read More
Little cups have taken up residence on surfaces around my kitchen. They are of different sizes and shapes, but bear a few striking resemblances: Each cup has plastic wrap tightly fitted on the top, secured with a rubber band saved from my morning… Read More
    Sometimes being a single parent means accepting that I am imperfect, that the ability to teleport doesn’t exist and that it has to be okay that I cannot do everything. googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var new_slot_sizes = []; var… Read More
    Last week when we thought that maybe we’d get a frost, we raced out and picked all the remaining summer squashes, peppers both red and green, cherry tomatoes, and basil—the tender stuff that can too easily be zinged by the cold. Frost was predicted… Read More

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    With its dazzling fan of colorful feathers, the peacock is the prima donna of domestic birds. Strutting about the yard, it demands attention, its iridescent feathers shining in the sun. “It’s like having a walking flower garden.” Read More
Amy Jordan of Exeter has been selected to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover to be held May 10-11, at Southeastern Livestock Pavilion in Ocala, Florida. Trainers will have approximately 100 days to gentle a randomly assigned wild horse they will pick up in February and compete for… Read More
    WATERVILLE — Dances, food, music and fashion show will be on display at Thomas College’s International Club’s Harvest festival at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29, at Thomas College, Summit Room. Students from the International Club at Thomas College will be hosting their annual International Harvest Festival.The event’s goal is to… Read More
ORONO — Farmers are invited to learn about the Whole Farm Revenue Protection crop insurance program prior to the March 15 enrollment deadline with a webinar noon–1 p.m Thursday, Jan. 24. The webinar will use real farm examples from the Northeast that include… Read More