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Greg Zielinski (center) leads a yoga class for seniors at the Bangor Y Wednesday morning. Also pictured are Gretchen Dyer-Gagnon (left) and Rick Alexander.

This mind and body practice helps seniors ‘show up for life’

“Yoga is very gentle and holistic,” Sandy Cyrus, owner of Full Circle Yoga in Orono, said. “It’s like taking your car in for a tuneup, but yoga is a tuneup for the whole body.”
Chuck Sim, 60, of Winterport in his shop where he rebuilds antique motorcycles. Sim specializes in Moto Guzzi bikes, but he has worked on many antique cars and bikes over the years.

Motorcycles aren’t just this Mainer’s passion, they’re his life’s work

Chuck Sim works on some of the most valuable and iconic vintage motorcycles you can imagine — BSAs, Nortons, BWMs, Ducatis, Moto Guzzis and others — and he owns more than a few himself.
Gay (left) and Phil work to pack the last bit of items in their home in Stockton Springs on Saturday. The Dions have lived many years in the town of Stockton Springs, where they have been very active in municipal governance, fire department, ambulance crew, business owners, etc. Now, in their 60s, they're moving back to Rhode Island to be closer to their family.

When involved Mainers leave the communities they helped build

“It will be hard to find others to do what they have done here.”

Taking time for the possibilities of mud puddles


Fighting the scourge of the social isolation of seniors

Older adults residing in small towns and rural communities may be especially vulnerable to the dangers of isolated living.

How much does a divorce lawyer actually cost?

If you’re considering getting a divorce you may be wondering about the cost. Dear Liz has an answer for that!

Study links diet soda to higher risk of stroke, dementia

Americans trying to stay healthy have abandoned sugary drinks for diet drinks in droves over the past few decades on the theory that the latter is better than the former. Now, more evidence has emerged to refute that rationale.