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Carly Fiorina, former Republican vice presidential candidate and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, speaks at a campaign event in Indianapolis, Indiana, May 2, 2016. Fiorina earned a major in philosophy while at Stanford University, where she was interested in the roots of human understanding of knowledge, opting to read Plato and Aristotle in the original Greek.

For philosophy majors, the question after graduation is: What next?

It turns out the answer is just about anything.

High school students more likely to save for college, avoid debt

High school students who grew up during the 2007-09 recession are showing a greater tendency to save for college, avoid debt, and embrace attending two-year community colleges and vocational schools.
Conceptual sketches for a new, $28 million elementary school approved by Brunswick voters on Tuesday. The school, to house 660 preschool through second-grade students, will be built on the former Jordan Acres School site. The school will be funded by local dollars only after voters supported foregoing the process to apply for state funding, which typically takes years.

Brunswick voters OK borrowing $28 million to build school without state aid

The bond, which passed 2,040 to 1,779, will fund a school to replace the 62-year-old Coffin School.
Lincoln Academy senior Esther Martin receives her diploma in a black graduation gown from adviser Robert Breckenridge on June 1, as Head of School David Sturdevant (left) and Associate Head of School Andy Mullin look on.

Lincoln Academy students push for gender-neutral graduation gowns

Since 1969, female students have worn white and male students black, with seating at graduation determined by the color of the gown.

Case at Portland private school among statewide whooping cough surge

During the 2015-2016 school year, 77 percent of Breakwater kindergarten students were vaccinated against the disease, compared to a statewide total of 96 percent.

Teen banned from graduation ‘not because she is pregnant but because she was immoral’

A small Christian school in western Maryland is not backing down from its decision to ban a pregnant senior from walking at graduation next week.