If you’re among the gray-haired guardians of Maine’s symbolic outdoor traditions it’s likely that you’ve spent some time musing about the changes you’ve seen in sporting equipment. For instance, did you ever imagine that the ribbed-and-planked, canvas-covered boats and canoes that contributed so memorably to your addiction to… Read More
    Except for brooks and streams broad-shouldered with runoff, there were few opportunities for anglers to wet a line yesterday, the start of Maine’s open-water fishing season. Nevertheless, anglers addicted to trolling are making ready for spring fishing on lakes and ponds by fussing with boats, motors, trailers and… Read More
    Feathers 'n Fins
    In spite of March’s volatile and very annoying mood swings, I welcome this month’s arrival for two special reasons. One being that March’s still-wintry trails lead to the first day of spring, the other being the long-awaited signs pointing in that direction. Assuming, then, that… Read More
    It’s no small wonder that the wild and woolly mid-to late 1800s era of logging that earned Bangor the title “Lumber Capital of the World” is well-chronicled in Maine’s colorful history. Yet, relatively scant mention is made of the late 1800s-early 1900s era that produced what was once… Read More
    Suffice it to say, the current shortage of eider ducks along Maine’s coast was discussed at length during a recent meeting of the Gouldsboro Point Good Times Rod and Gun Club. Embellished with … Read More
    Tucked away in the private clutter of my pack basket is a pair of moth-eaten wool mittens covered with cracked leather shells. The mittens, knitted by my grandmother, and the shells — commonly … Read More
    Pour yourself a second cup of coffee and I’ll tell you about my recent brush with the law. Murphy’s Law, that is. It happened early in duck season, when my son, Jeff, and I were jump-shooting on … Read More
    As can be imagined, discussions about the merits of side-by-side and over-under doubles are swayed by tradition and prejudice. Fanciers of the over-under, for instance, remind that their guns … Read More
    Among hunters who follow dogs’ bells through thickets of briar and thorn apple, the consensus is that there is no better bird gun than a double barrel. Considering, however, that doubles are built … Read More
    Excepting mothers whose kids are back to school, I don’t know of anyone more appreciative of September than hunters addicted to gun dogs. Allowing, then, that you have an English setter or a Labrador retriever, or both, tell me you’re not invigorated by the sight of sumacs and… Read More
    As a teenager addicted to hunting, fishing and everything in between, I sometimes got the feeling that the adage “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” was aimed directly at me. With that in … Read More
    Like the Atlantic salmon returning to New Brunswick’s Kedgwick River, the nine anglers who arrived at the Kedgwick Salmon Club recently were disappointed, but not discouraged, to see that the river’s ribs were showing. Read More