I don’t put bumper stickers on my car. If I did, the first one would say “Real Mainers Pay Cash.” The phrase captures an idea whose time has surely come. Hidden fees that fuel the plastic transaction industry are driving up costs for everyone, including small… Read More
    They’re all too common, and some can be heartbreaking. They’re stories of older citizens who open their hearts and their wallets and hand over money to people they’ve never met. All the while, they believe they’re helping a family member or someone else who’s truly in… Read More
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    When our organization changed its name a few years back, we made a conscious decision to call it, “Northeast CONTACT For Better Business Inc.” Our thinking went like this: Since consumers and business people can build a fairer, more effective marketplace together, they should be considered partners in… Read More
    Reverse mortgages offer financial security to many seniors. But not all reverse mortgages are created equal, and those considering the option should think carefully about the ramifications. Unlike a traditional mortgage requiring monthly payments by the borrower, a reverse mortgage uses the equity in a home… Read More
    The task of dealing with identity theft can be a daunting one. This is especially true when the thieves work through the invisible web surrounding many aspects of our lives, the Internet. Read More