An article in The Maine Genealogist, the quarterly journal of the Maine Genealogical Society, doesn’t need to involve a family of ours in order to be both interesting and very, very useful. Take, for example, Carole Gardner’s “Clark Drew of Maine and Vermont” in the February… Read More
    BANGOR — Thirty Maine veterans will be chosen by application to take a free two-day Maine Guide class at Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor, with instruction provided by House in the Woods Military and Family Retreat, a sporting camp in Lee which provides an opportunity for healing… Read More
    When it comes to Canadian ancestry, I am neither well-traveled nor expert. I certainly have done more research on my husband’s Franco-American forebears in Quebec and early-early Nova Scotia — Acadia — than on my Steeves line, the German Stief family which came to Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s… Read More
    Headlines on Feb. 3 announced Parliament’s approval of “three-parent babies” in the United Kingdom as a prevention of mitochondrial disease, which claims the lives of very young children born with the ailment, which causes loss of muscle tone, cardiac issues and other problems. To be accurate,… Read More
    When “Genealogy Roadshow” filmed an episode at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, people showed up to ask about their possible connections to a Loyalist, a Black Panther and Viking Royalty. Yes indeed, researchers told the first, the ancestor who served with the Patriots in the American… Read More
    While it may not be kilt weather here in Maine, it’s always the season for learning more about Scots ancestry. Join members of the Maine State Library Genealogy Club for a program on “Genealogy in Scotland — The Basics,” at 10 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 22, at the library… Read More
    More genealogical records are being added all the time to online websites such as and the LDS Church-sponsored site, Familysearch is a free site, and, while a subscription database, can be used free at public libraries in Maine that have online access. In… Read More
    You know how I love to give my program on “Let’s Figure Out Those Cousins,” often beginning with a poster that documents in a simple way how I am a fourth cousin, twice removed from prominent artist Waldo Peirce. Leave it to my pal and… Read More
    The Maine Genealogical Society is going to bring you something new and exciting and FREE in the New Year. The MGS Genealogy Fair is set for 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Saturday, July 11, at the Maine State Library, Maine State Archives and Maine State Museum Atrium in Augusta. All… Read More
    You may know that 99 percent of the 1890 U.S. Census was destroyed by fire years ago, leaving an unfortunate gap between the 1880 and 1900 censuses. Some communities have put together a kind of “substitute census” using other local records, but in Waterville there remains a copy… Read More
    So I bought the long-sought “Biographical Review of Somerset, Piscataquis, Hancock and Aroostook Counties,” published in 1898, thrilled to have the volume with the one page on my great-great-grandfather, Sumner Robinson Bennett, also known in Abbot at S.R. Bennett. It’s a heavy book, and I am… Read More
    BANGOR — Cole Land Transportation will hold its usual Veterans Day program at 1 p.m. Tuesday at 405 Perry Road. Activities will include area students reading their winning essays on “What I Learned About Freedom After Interviewing a Veteran.” After the program, the Bangor Band will… Read More
    If death certificates state that my great-great-grandmother died of liver cancer in 1929, and my great-grandmother of stomach cancer in 1933, how accurate are those diagnoses? I’m guessing that Agnes Bray Eldridge didn’t have any exploratory surgery at 78, nor do I know what might have… Read More
    What a great pair of questions Skip Gates posed to Tom Coliccho, one of three chefs profiled in the Oct. 21 episode of “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.” on MPBN. Which ancestor would you choose to cook for? What would you cook?… Read More
    Congratulations to the Maine communities which celebrated anniversaries this year, especially to my first hometown, Sangerville, which marked its bicentennial on June 14. I remember well the 150th anniversary of Sangerville, when I marched with the Junior Band during the Sesquicentennial Parade. Miss Sangerville was… Read More