Editor’s Note: Bangor Daily News columnist Robin Clifford Wood has decided that it’s time to move on from her column, Conversations with Maine. Robin has taken us into the lives and homes of Mainers for five years, showing us the connections between people, their communities and their passions. Read More
    On a recent Tuesday afternoon, a quiet garden plot was transformed into a bustling, multi-generational, community-service project behind the senior center in Orono. A dozen or so volunteers, some of them in wheelchairs, showed up to harvest onions, squash, garlic and beans and prepare them for delivery. They… Read More
    Jennifer Sapiel Neptune — artist, anthropologist, educator and member of the Penobscot Nation — has integrated her myriad skills to intertwine the past and the present, giving life to the future of her community. Her most recent reproduction from Penobscot history was a ceremonial headdress, cuffs and a… Read More
    From a small farm in remote Prentiss, one woman’s gentle devotion to animals is reverberating in widening circles of hope across the state and beyond, benefiting multiple species, including humans. The first part of my report on the Last Stop Horse Rescue introduced the… Read More
    Joyce Pomeroy lives alone on a 20-acre farm in Prentiss. Well, not exactly alone. Her resident family includes 28 horses; six cats; three dogs, one of them blind; a dwarf goat named Sophie; and Annabelle, the orphaned lamb. You might think that sounds like chaos,… Read More
    Scenes of potato harvests, clam digging, woods and wildlife are the themes of Eddie Harrow’s woodworking. The Dedham resident’s intricate carvings have been displayed across the area in places including Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Pediatric Cancer Center, the Brewer Community School, the Penobscot Courthouse, and Congregation Beth-El. Read More
    Ten years ago in April 2005, Robert Sypitkowski was granted a six-month leave of absence from his job at the Department of Environmental Protection to assist in water system and sanitation improvements in Indonesia, in a region that had been devastated the December before by the Sumatra earthquake… Read More
    Most Mainers appreciate New England’s four-season lifestyle. Even so, I’ve heard a lot of locals crying “enough already” regarding this winter’s snowfall. Many of us have resorted to hibernating indoors, waiting for the snow to go away. As an antidote to the mid-winter doldrums, I decided to talk… Read More
    It has been a week since I returned from Ireland, but a part of me is still lingering in Irish time, waking up in the pre-dawn light, sleepy by 8 or 9 in the evening. Ireland’s influence promises to linger much longer in other ways. First,… Read More
    Here we are at the end of 2014, and you can feel that familiar buzz of hopeful anticipation. A new year is about to begin, and who doesn’t love to celebrate a new beginning, a new birth? But December 31 isn’t only about beginnings. It is a place… Read More
    The Cyr sisters from Houlton leave a lasting impression, but I have to start with a chance discussion about mittens. It was the four sisters’ mittens that led to a welling up of tears in their eyes — and mine — on the first day we… Read More
    I was set to interview Karen MacGregor about her experience with younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease, which her husband had. But in mid-October, I got a call from her saying she would need to postpone. Her husband’s health had taken an unexpected turn for the worse. A week later he… Read More
    It surprises people who meet Katie and Allen Schaffer that they have only been together for about nine years. “People think we’ve been together forever,” said Katie. Perhaps that’s because they both seem to have endless reserves of energy when it comes to creative… Read More
    Tired of robocalls and negative political ads? I have an antidote. Get yourself a copy of “Events,” Bob Tweedie’s self-published book of stories about life in Maine and beyond. It may restore your enthusiasm — if not for politics, perhaps for human nature. “You’ve got to… Read More