George Robert Bales aged 105 of Portland passed away on April 15, 2013 at the Maine Medical Center after a brief battle with pneumonia. He was a very old 105. George who was remarkably robust until recently, said that he was happy and enjoyed all the… Read More
    Portland, Maine continues to admire Portland’s oldest living resident who is well over a century old. George Bales’ 100th birthday was over five years ago. Now, he’s 105. “It’s a distinguished privilege to have a special father well past the age of 100”, said… Read More
    George Robert Bales of Portland, Maine is active and alert at the age of 105 years old plus two months and one day. “It is almost like I entered a new world after I turned 100”, said George who continues to display a phenominal memory. “With… Read More
    105 year old George Robert Bales from the Park Danforth Assisted Living Facility revealed his secrets to longevity earlier today. George was most recently interviewed last month, but he told his 61 year old son Chris Bales what he attributes his longevity to. Back… Read More
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    A few weeks ago, when George Bales of Portland discussed his lifelong adventure, he was able to enjoy more of it this past Sunday. George celebrated his 105th birthday at the Park Danforth Retirement Home in Portland. More than 70 guests attended the celebration which included… Read More
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    More people are living well beyond 100 these days, but if you ask George Bales from Portland, Maine he’s got quite a life to discuss. George Robert Bales was born in Jamesville, New York on January 25, 1908 long before there was modern medicine or technology. Read More