Drivers in Bangor are not too terribly intimidated by the flooding, But in some areas the water is waist deep and while it may not look so bad, Some people are not taking chances. Here is one person who decided not to blaze through the water today. Read More
    Dirigo Drive is one of the streets flooded today, The kids and adults alike are taking an interest in the spectacle. Willing to help solve the issue some even gathered shovels and made sure the drains were not obstructed by leaves. Here are some photos showing everyone how… Read More
    I stood atop the hill looking at the Bangor Night Sky. The horizon was lit up with KahBang and people were on walkabout. Just as I was shooting this image an inquisitive man with Tattoos and an aire of disposition that told me that he was literally home… Read More
    Extreme Kayaking HD Kenduskeag River, Bangor Maine, on 10-3-2012. Photos of Mike Dowell, Tom Perkins and Adam Schwett as they Kayak in the Ice and water. View the Video here: Music is by Indie Band, Altogether Spent, Song Title is Crazy Baby. Read More