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Inside the arena to be moved.

4R Animal shelter fund-raising to move shelter from Glenburn to Lee

By KDStable on Oct. 20, 2015, at 9:04 a.m.
A horse head wreath made by 4R Animal Shelter

Christmas Wreaths For A Cause

By KDStable on Nov. 24, 2014, at 2:42 p.m.

Jail and Bail Fundraiser

By KDStable on July 14, 2014, at 7:30 a.m.
Young Rider Brushing Smokey

Week Long Horse Program at KD Stable

By KDStable on May 28, 2014, at 8:25 a.m.

“Fun” Raiser for 4R Animal Shelter at Tractor Supply Co, Bangor

By KDStable on May 20, 2014, at 3:23 p.m.

4R Animal Shelter Wreaths to Attend National Final Rodeo in Las Vegas

By KDStable on Dec. 03, 2013, at 5:44 p.m.

Haunted Barn and Hay Ride

By KDStable on Oct. 08, 2013, at 12:06 p.m.
The grim reaper awaits guests.

Volunteers Needed for Haunted Happening

By KDStable on Oct. 08, 2013, at 11:58 a.m.

4R Animal Shelter, Training Demo and Auction

By KDStable on Sept. 21, 2013, at 6:01 a.m.
Group photo at Army National Guard

4R Animal Shelter Kids and Horses Camp

By KDStable on Aug. 10, 2013, at 7:01 a.m.

Yard/bake sale and open barn to benefit animal shelter

By KDStable on May 07, 2013, at 6:58 a.m.

Bake sale to benefit animal shelter

By KDStable on Feb. 28, 2013, at 5:21 p.m.

Benefit bake sale on Valentine’s Day

By KDStable on Feb. 08, 2013, at 7:19 p.m.

Pre-Holiday Celebration at 4R Animal Shelter

By KDStable on Oct. 22, 2012, at 7:30 a.m.