Despite snow, cold and the demands of work, scores of local business people, non-profit leaders and interested residents turned out at the Rockport Opera House on Jan. 20 for the Camden Hills iteration of the “Red Tape Audit Workshops” that have been taking place throughout Maine since mid-December. Read More
    In social anthropology there is an interesting phenomenon, described as the “cultural cringe” by Australian social commentator A.A. Phillips, which manifests itself as an internalized inferiority complex around a country, region or community’s cultural offerings when compared to those of an older or bigger neighbor. On occasion I… Read More
    Getting going with your holiday shopping or looking to connect with local services, businesses and nonprofits? There’s a resource for that as close as the Camden Public Landing or the Internet: The Camden-Rockport-Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce. If you are looking for information on a wide range of local… Read More
    Of all the questions I get asked on a regular basis, the hardest one for me to answer is, “Where are you originally from?” I was raised all over Britain and Europe (my father was in the Royal Air Force); I went to boarding school in one place… Read More
    Although it’s still October I have to admit to having a slight hankering for snow. Maybe it’s the appearance of ski equipment magazines in the stores (and now on my bedside table) or all the snowmobile signs I saw on a recent trip to The County, but I… Read More