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Video: Christopher Smith Previews ‘Megamind’

By Christopher Smith on Nov. 03, 2010, at 8:55 a.m.
The Dreamworks movie featuring the voices of Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill opens this Friday, Nov. 5.

‘Paranormal Activity 2’ elevates its predecessor

By Christopher Smith on Oct. 28, 2010, at 7:31 p.m.
The prequel to Oren Peli’s “Paranormal Activity” once again proves that in a horror movie, often the less you see, the more intense the story.

Video: Christopher Smith Reviews Disney’s ‘Oceans’

By Christopher Smith on Oct. 26, 2010, at 2:09 p.m.
Disney’s “Oceans” became available on DVD and Blu-ray disc this week. BDN film critic Christopher Smith offers his review.

Clarkson, Siddiq masterful in rich ‘Cairo Time’

By Christopher Smith on Oct. 21, 2010, at 6:50 p.m.
What’s so rare and great about Ruba Nadda’s “Cairo Time” is that it has such confidence in its story, it’s in no rush to tell it quickly.

Christopher Smith previews Clint Eastwood’s ‘Hereafter’

By Christopher Smith on Oct. 20, 2010, at 8:34 a.m.
“Hereafter,” which stars Matt Damon in the lead, opens this Friday, Oct. 22.

Wes Craven’s ‘My Soul to Take’ a 3-D mess

By Christopher Smith on Oct. 14, 2010, at 6:17 p.m.
In theaters MY SOUL TO TAKE, written and directed by Wes Craven, 106 minutes, rated R. Wes Craven has a new movie out. It’s called “My Soul to Take,” which ironically isn’t the life story of Christine O’Donnell. Color me disappointed. In spite of being a horror movie in which …

Video: Christopher Smith previews the new action-comedy ‘Red’

By Christopher Smith NEWS Film Critic on Oct. 13, 2010, at 9:51 a.m.
“Red” opens this Friday, Oct. 15.

‘Social Network’ casts critical eye

By Christopher Smith on Oct. 07, 2010, at 5:46 p.m.
We don’t talk much anymore, but we certainly do “like.” And we “share,” though not necessarily face-to-face. We’re fans and we’re friends, even if we’ve never met some of our 800 “friends.”

Christopher Smith previews ‘Secretariat’ and ‘My Soul to Take’

By Christopher Smith on Oct. 06, 2010, at 9:07 a.m.
A video preview of the horse-racing drama “Secretariat” and the new Wes Craven horror movie, “My Soul to Take,” both of which open this Friday, October 8.

‘Money Never Sleeps’ is mix of good and awful

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 30, 2010, at 5:25 p.m.
It’s that rare movie that commands an iconic line, something that is so prescient and nails the culture to its core, it not only defines it, but it also wedges itself into pop-culture lore.

Video: Christopher Smith Previews ‘The Social Network’

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 29, 2010, at 8:43 a.m.
A video preview of the new film that explores the tumultuous conception of Facebook.
(L-r) JON HAMM as Detective Frawley and BEN AFFLECK as Doug MacRay in Warner Bros. Pictures? and Legendary Pictures? crime drama ?The Town,? distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. 

Affleck finds lost talent directing ‘The Town’

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 23, 2010, at 6:12 p.m.
After seeing “The Town,” Ben Affleck’s terrific follow-up to “Gone Baby Gone,” maybe it’s time to suggest that the actor give up his day job and turn to writing and directing full time.

Christopher Smith previews ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 21, 2010, at 8:42 a.m.
A preview of the new Oliver Stone movie.

New ‘Resident Evil’ flick forgettable, predictable

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 16, 2010, at 6:44 p.m.
In theaters RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE 3-D, written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, 90 minutes, rated R. The new Paul W.S. Anderson movie, “Resident Evil: Afterlife,” features one scene that’s memorable, if only because it’s so comical. You were looking for more than one memorable scene? Wrong movie. The scene …

Christopher Smith previews ‘The Town’

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 15, 2010, at 10:25 a.m.
A preview of the new Ben Affleck movie, “The Town,” which is set in Boston and opens in theaters Friday, September 17.

Christopher Smith reviews ‘The American’

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 09, 2010, at 11:24 a.m.
If ever there was a film that featured a title loaded with irony, it’s Anton Corbijn’s “The American.”

Video: Christopher Smith previews ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D’

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 08, 2010, at 1:11 p.m.
A preview of the latest Resident Evil horror movie, “Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D.”

Exorcism’ satisfying in spite of conclusion

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 02, 2010, at 6:59 p.m.
Not surprisingly, Daniel Stamm’s “The Last Exorcism” has nothing on “The Exorcist,” but for a while it does have something going for it.
In this film publicity image released by Focus Features, George Clooney is shown in a scene from, "The American." (AP Photo/Focus Features, Giles Keyte)

Video: Christopher Smith previews ‘The American’

By Christopher Smith on Sept. 01, 2010, at 8:28 a.m.
A preview of the new George Clooney thriller, “The American,” which opens nationwide today.

‘Piranha 3-D’ could be the next cult B-movie

By Christopher Smith on Aug. 26, 2010, at 11:56 a.m.
Among the new films that opened in area theaters this week, only one will leave a lasting, horrifying impression — in a good way.