I’ve had a few interesting birding experiences recently, so here are a few snapshots. As usual at this time of year, I enjoy writing about nocturnal migration. It is a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze me and which I never tire of writing about. Read More
    Earlier this week, I had a textbook perfect sighting of the most recognized symbol of the coming of autumn. Although technically it is still “summer,” fall seems to have arrived early with … Read More
    I’ll never forget my introduction to ruby-throated hummingbirds when I first moved to Maine. I was living in Blue Hill and had been invited over to my landlord and landlady’s house. A … Read More
    It was a perfect day at the beach. The temperature was hot enough to make swimming enjoyable. The water was a vibrant blue-green and from the hazy blue sky dotted with clouds, terns wheeled … Read More
    I went out to do a bit of birding one afternoon earlier in the week. As always, the cloud cover, temperature, and wind conditions contributed to the overall “mood” of the day. I never fail to take this in and it makes each day unique—even when birding the same spot over and over again. This particular afternoon was overcast and somber; heavy clouds promised rain any time, and a fitful onshore breeze made the seaside trees and shrubs whisper and rustle. The mood this created Read More
    Making the most of a short visit to Orono, I went out for a quick bit of birding with my friend Paul Markson one afternoon recently. As we exited the car in the parking lot on Taylor Road in Orono, the blackflies found us immediately. But,… Read More
    A visit with friends in Orono earlier this week happily coincided with the first of Maine Audubon’s Neighborhood Bird Walks. The fact that it was led by my friend Paul Markson, and co-sponsored by the Orono Land Trust, was an added bonus. The group of people… Read More
    Earlier this week I’d gone to the barn to ride. The facility is surrounded by rolling hayfields bordered by patches of forest: very peaceful and picturesque. It was about 20 minutes past sunset as I ambled down the long, winding driveway on my horse. The evening… Read More
    As I was about to walk into work one morning last week, several crows began cawing loudly as they flew toward a stand of white pine trees across from the entrance. The person behind me commented, “That’s often a sign of spring, isn’t it?” Not necessarily… Read More
    I’ve always found this time of year to be the hardest to get through. Although we are on the other side of the winter solstice and days are slowly getting longer, they are still not long enough. I’ve not quite kept up with local bird sightings, as was… Read More
    I’ve often written about my trips back home to New Jersey and what delightful bird sightings I have while there. This last trip proved no different. As always, I had returned to my favorite … Read More
    Each cold season I look forward to seeing our winter visitors, always hoping for something new—or at least something I haven’t seen in a while. This year I was not disappointed. I was privileged to see a red- throated loon. This petite loon breeds in the… Read More
    The large, dark bird flew just above the tree line near the road, circling around and back to one particular area. I noticed its wings were held upward in a shallow angle — what’s referred to as a “dihedral” — and it seemed to teeter in the air. Read More